Just couldn't help myself...

Been lusting after these pieces for AGES:



and noticed that they're both in the sale! There goes my 'no more purchases for at least 2 months' rule...

I've justified them as being a little surprise for the OH who needs cheering up. Think he'll like it?

Definitely, gorgeous choices! I've got the Babydoll in red. It's my favourite at the minute. 😀

Very nice. If these don't cheer him up, then nothing will!

Gorgeous pieces! x

Definitely! I have this babydoll and the colour is even more striking in person :) No need to justify them as long as you're happy with your choices! It's ok to treat yourself (and your partner) x

I have these in pink and they really are beautiful x

Beautiful pieces, I've been looking at that babydoll myself.

Gorgeous! X

Couldn't resist the panties sell either! I am still waiting for my last order to arrive and I already have a bounch of items in my basket (mostly panties) waiting the moment I'm gonna give in and buy them. I have no self control!

I couldn't resist the £3 offer either, bought three pairs from my wishlist!

There I was wanting to save money. At least the wishlist is shorter.