Just getting to explore


I am just beginning to explore the world of submission. The thrills and anticipation have been very satisfying indeed. The enjoyment of sneaking time at work to read steamy emails from my hubby is tantalising me like I haven't known before. I have started to masterbate at work when the need arises, go out without underwear on and the results are climatic. I am enjoying this new outlook and still have loads to learn. Hope you can all help.

My only regret so far... wish I'd started this sooner.

Hiya and welcome to the Lovehoney community. Don't suppose Master Toldmeto is your Dom?

Sounds like you and your partner are having fun with experimenting and exploring your sexual fantasies. That's great. Feel free to dive right into our friendly forum. =)

Hello welcome enjoy x

Hi and welcome aboard :o)

Thank you for your posts. I hope to be an active member of the forum.

The experimenting continues...today I purchased a PVC catsuit. Can't wait to see the effect it may have.

My dom is on here too, yes

Sorry about last post, guess he was signed in...

Newbie's mistake