just joined up

hi im helen and i am a 59yo transvestite who has been living as a woman fulltime for the past 7 years.I am a BDSM Mistress with very few limits and i am also bisexual.

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Hi Helen and welcome to the forums :)

It's not a hook-up/find a partner type forum I'm afraid. Please have a quick read of the rules x

Hello and welcome. You will find advice and support here on the forums but nothing more than that, it's not a site for hook ups.

We are however friendly and non judgemental.

Enjoy the forum xxx

Hello and welcome. Thank you for the introduction to get to know you better.




Hello and welcome!!!

Hello, welcome to the forum.

Hello and welcome

Hello and welcome :)

Hi and welcome

Hi and welcome!

Hi welcome to the forum

Hello Helen and welcome to the forums. Use it and enjoy.

hello & welcome to the forum x