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Welcome back @anna.michelsburg & congratulations

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Welcome back and huge congratulations :tada: :baby: :lovehoney_heart:


Hello @anna.michelsburg and congratulations.

Hello. and congratulations !

Hello and congratulations


Yay she’s pregnant!! Happy days :partying_face:

Lovely to hear fro you, Oh Wow congratulations, please tell us more

Congratulations. Awesome.

Welcome back @anna.michelsburg
Congrats :piñata: and a big hug from me x


Thank you all for saying hello.

So, all my news, to be very self absorbed. I don’t think I am allowed to link to my other thread.

I am around 7 months pregnant having moved in with Mark last summer. We had a long period of trying to work out the right blend of family arrangements and ended up selling both of our houses, buying something in a village a bit further out of town, and moved in together, but he also bought a very small flat in town closer to where his ex wife lives so his kids have their place with him. Very quickly though it got very comfortable here and he rarely uses the flat so I expect it will end up as a let. That is all working well now really. Kids happy.

I was very upset to leave the little house we had built, especially the memories of the garden!

But it didn’t last long, we have much more space here, a big garden/orchard, and a new little puppy came last year.

In other news.

Sophie is engaged to the same bf and they life together.

Work is going really well, our firm merged and got promoted in the reshuffle so have a nice big team which I am loving running. This includes the edited by mod in my previous thread. Who I think is still fucking the partner. But we mostly communicate with winks these days so I won’t find out any more.

What else can I tell you?

Anna xxx


Gosh, I see that the censorship is still making this site as enjoyable as I remember.

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i am pleased things are working out for you. No more competitions but some happy memories for you. Lovely to hear from you and the little update. Please stay around we all love your posts. Good luck with the pregnancy. @anna.michelsburg

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