just want to say hello and advice please

hi everyone, can anyone advise on cock dings as the missus would like us to get one


i mean cock rings ha ha ha

Hullo and welcome smoothie! Don't worry we know what you meant. There's a thread here http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/community/forums/orgasm-army/sex-toys-for-men/38792-vibrating-cock-ring-size-help/ which will be helpful. Do you have any specific issues?

Ha ha indeedy smoothie2, we all know the problem of trembling digits when making your virgin post !! If you go to the third page of forums, you'll find the turn page at the bottom of the screen, you will find a thread devoted to this subject, sandwiched neartly between masturbator sleeves and l forget what else!

Welcome to Lovehoney by the way... you don't live in Wales as well do you !! they're a deaf lot.


(That's the thread I posted TB!)

Smarty pants Imelda, how the hell do you do that !!!


Copy and paste the link from the browser!

imeldaimelda wrote:

Copy and paste the link from the browser!

Sorry didn't do Latin at school !!!!


Control C Control V l know, but browser !!!!

Um in the bar above the screen your looking at, shows the address of the page. You just copy and paste that to link to a page or product. LH staff can do clever links but think us lot can only copy and paste

Ah, you loves me really TB :-P

x x x

Hi Smoothie, hope you have fun here!

And that's the rub Morbidia, yes l do !!

TB .... still searching for link thingy having discovered toolbar gadget at top of page!! progress !!

Well done TB! You shall get there!

YAY ME!! ^_^

x x x

Nope, not yet !!


OK tell me what you see (maybe go to view at the top, File, Edit, View, and look at the settings to show Status bar etc)

http and the address of this/another page whatever l am looking at. L drag the cursor over it until all blue then press Control and C, tap the mouse to break free from the address then place the cursor in the box l want the address to appear in and press Control and V

And in the words of the immortal Bluebottle.... not a sausage

What am l doing wrong ???

PS Absence down to my chasing the cat around the house to kick at frustration- easy campers he is far too quick for me !!


How about right clicking and selecting copy and paste instead?

Game for anything, stand by yer beds !!! This could be a completely random paste job campers!!!


http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/community/forums/orgasm-army/dildos/25-3-hours-to-get-the-huge-tip-of-this-dong-up-my/ well fuck my old boots !!! that will be a Eureka then campers.... Imelda hun a million thanks to you babe, will you have my baby hun ???

Tallboy...several inches taller now with pride..... must go and apologise to the cat !!!