Just when I thought my life was getting better

As some remember I split up with a long term partner, the last two years of the relationship was terrible I lost so much weight, bad enough I had to see a dietitian. All was good I thought my family were there to help me get through it and help me eat again.

I have been staying at their place since the first lockdown, but now things have gone horrible wrong because I spoke out about my sister and said what she is doing during lockdown is wrong, I always knew my family preferred my sister over me, and now I have been forced into my new flat, no cooker no fridge. I’m finding it very hard at the moment to eat while I’m on my own put in that I’m really nervous to go into shops at the moment because of Covid because of my own health problems.

I’m just one mucked up person at the moment, you think your family are they helping you when infact they aren’t. Really not sure how I’m going to get through this. I’m only eating a little bit every two days.

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@teacake, I’m really sorry to hear that.
Is there any way you could get help from a friend? Maybe they can do your grocery shopping, ring/ sms you to remind you to eat, even cook some homemade meals for you.

When it comes to groceries, could you order online or by phone and only show up to pick up the bags? Or even have them delivered to your door.

Maybe you can find a small oven and stovetop or at least a microwave in a local facebook buy-and-sell group, or at the marketplace? Or order a new one if you can afford it.

I’m going out on a limb here, but you could check for apps that remind you to eat or help you keep track of your meals. There seems to be an app for everything nowadays :slight_smile: Furthermore, your dietitian might be able to suggest some other food options now that your living situation has changed.

I really hope it will work out for you. Things can only get better! :slight_smile: :heart:


@Smultron Thank you,

I like the idea about the apps to remind you to eat, but unfortunately it won’t really help me eat a proper meal, The problem I have is money very short of it at the moment because I thought I was going to be with my family until im sorted I got other things for my place, I thought I won’t need to rush to buy the big appliances.

I think maybe it will have to be a microwave for now only problem will be I won’t be able to buy a fridge freeze at the same time.

I will look into having my food delivered, I’m starting fresh no friends to help me out.

Thanks Again


So sorry to hear about your troubles @teacake!

I think @Smultron has some really good suggestions.

Could you get a kettle if you don’t already have one? There are dried pasta/noodle pots and packets that only need boiling water and they’re usually pretty cheap or on a multi buy offer at most supermarkets.

I hope you can get something sorted ASAP xx


@MsSubExperimenter Thanks, Yea I have a kettle I never thought about pot noodles things thanks.


Oh, I see. It sounds tough, I’m sorry!

As @MsSubExperimenter suggested, a kettle could work for some foods and it’s cheap.
If you could get a microwave, google for ideas on what you can cook in it. You can make omelet, rice, even cake. :wink:

Would a portable cooler be an option? I mean those lightweight insulated bags or boxes, nothing with electricity. Not sure for how long they can keep food cool though, but I’d assume until next day.

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Do you think I could do without a fridge for now and maybe just get a microwave, trying to think what I would need a fridge for, milk but I can do without that I suppose.

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Sorry to hear of your predicament. I know going out is an issue, but can you not wear a mask and take extra precautions like hand sanitising, then visit local supermarkets around teatime, this is usually when they reduce and yellow sticker stuff, very good for getting cheap food. Also are there any local food banks that could help you? You MUST eat to keep your immune system healthy. What about getting ingredients for a cheap stew or casserole from the likes of Lidl or Aldi? Failing that, a microwave and cheap ready meals or tinned soups, pastas etc? I wish i could be more helpful. You take care my friend, but PLEASE eat regularly!


My mom was telling me recently that before she could afford a fridge, she put the milk bottles in a bucket of cold water to keep them cool. This time of year, you could probably manage without a fridge if you are careful.


Sorry to hear you’re having a tough time @teacake!

I would suggest contacting local charities - there are so many who support people to get things like white goods if they can’t afford it. If recommended just googling but if you can’t find any, then contact your local authority who should be able to point you in the right direction. You often need to do an application form which CAB may support you with if needed. Your local authority will also be able to advise whether you’re eligible for vouchers for food banks too.

Similarly, it may be worth contacting your GP if you’re struggling to get out the house. The NHS responders volunteer service may be able to help if you feel you can’t do shopping etc or it’s causing too much anxiety, and your GP should be able to refer you to this.

Try and think of this as a fresh start. I know its hard, but sometimes we’re better off not being in a negative environment. Try and connect with people locally - I know this is very hard to do at the moment but even virtually through groups etc.

You got this :muscle:t2:


Have a look on gumtree and Facebook etc, I’ve seen before people giving away old fridges - they won’t be the newest but if they work who cares!

There’s also things like Quorn pots and John west tinned meals (same aisle at potnoodles, etc) which are little meals in pot, they are long life and can be kept in a cupboard and don’t need to be heated up either.


@WillC @SexInTheCity

Thank you both, I know I’m probably going to have to go into shop I get very anxious and shaky at the moment.

Great tip about putting milk in cold water.


@teacake teacake , I am sorry for your situation . I have no idea if second hand shops are available there during whatever level of lockdown they have at the moment . But they can be a good place for inexpensive appliances . Over here we have neighborhood online groups for local areas where people advertise items for money or free . There is a lot more free during the lockdowns . Maybe score a dorm style mini for little or free ? Keep in mind fresh eggs will keep between 4-5 days unrefrigerated . Canned meats and fish require no cooling . Another appliance I would recommend is a small slow cooker , I use them all the time . They are great for cooking a tougher , cheaper meat all day and making it delicious . It has been many years since I was way down on my luck after my ex wife took off with our daughter and all our money . It was tough , but I would spend a lot of time clipping ads and talking to other people struggling for good information . As a former emergency medical tech I would tell you if you mask up and use a 90% alcohol hand sanitizer you should be fine . Hardest part of pandemic was to stop kissing strangers and licking doorknobs . Over here there are many local people who deliver food for people down on their luck , have you researched online there ? Hang in there !


@Cassii Thanks for your suggestions, I think little meals in a pot will just be right for me.


We have a 6 quart for the house and a 2 quart for our RV . Online you can find a million recipes , that might also get you in the mood to eat , it sure can trigger a feeding frenzy .

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Sorry to hear you are struggling.

If you do get a microwave then you can stock up on tinned items which opens up alot of meal options and most of those are pretty cheap.
Do that for a little while and you can save up for a fridge then move on to fresh foods and meals
Or even a slow cooker


@Oldman Cheers for your advice, at the moment I’m finding it hard to think properly so many emotions going through me.

I feel very let down by the people who I thought would care about me. I should of know better.

So forgetting about a fridge and cooker first thing is to get a microwave so I can buy some meals to heat up.

I suppose a 20 litre one will be fine.


@zombifiedguy Thanks. Microwave it is then I see there is one for £80 So I will get that.


Re. getting hold of a fridge and other appliances etc., Have you considered Freecycle? It’s a bit random - and most people will expect you to collect the item (which I can understand might be an issue), but maybe worth a look?


£80 for a microwave? I bought my latest one off Gumtree for £30 …or is the one you’re looking at one of these fancy ones that does frying and stuff too?