Keep having to reset password

I have reset my password three or four times in the last three days anyone else having issues.

Lovehoney jeeps telling me my password is wrong I've made sure all the letters are case sensitive in email and password and reset my password to the same password every time so its still the same as before but I can't log in and my tablet doesn't keep me logged in anymore so every time I come back to the love hobey tab I have to reset my password before I can log in but the problem is it said my password isn't right when every time it IS right as I keep resetting It to the same one why do I have to jeep resetting password I don't understand why I'm being told its wrong every time I log In when it isn't wrong at all :'(

I don't have the answer but do wonder if it is anything to do with ticking the "I am not a robot box" as if I don't do this, it doesn't log me in and it does say something although I can't recall what; certainly nothing to do with the robot box but that is all that the problem is.

Failing this, I think that popping on to live chat would be your best bet.

Hope that helps and the problem is soon resolved.

Hi Vixenchel,

This sounds quite strange, we have not had any reports of something like this. KinkyMinxMoo is correct with the Robot thing, would that may be the case?

Are you using any special characters? Such as @#$%*U&^ etc.


I was told my password was wrong a couple of times when it definitely wasn’t and that was due to the captcha rather than the password. If you forget to tick the box that says are you human or don’t click all the right pictures it won’t log you in and says password or email is wrong x

Hi no there's no special characters just letters and numbers.

I do tick the box every time sorry late reply had to reset my password yet again to get back on :( no idea why it keeps doing it but think I'm just gonna leave the website if it keeps happening its really annoying :( I don't know if I can access live chat off my crappy amazon tablet didn't even know there a live chat lol.

Thank you I'm really confused why I have to keep resetting it when its the same password I reset it to every time and I tick the robot box too ??

Hmmm, could it be something to do with cookies? Otherwise I am all out of ideas.

Hey vixenchel 

Are you ticking the box and hitting enter too quickly? 

I have been doing that and it asks for your deets again. 

You need to pop your email in, then your password, tick the security thing, WAIT (it'll sort of refresh) then hit enter/login. 

If you try to hit enter too quickly after ticking the box, it doesn't register the 'tick' and asks for your password again. 

I don't know I'm not on a computer so it looks different im on a tablet don't see it refresh but I will keep that in mind try log in slower next time. Thank you xx

My phone NEVER logs me out Galaxy S5 which is very convenient my laptop always does but remembers my details.
Make sure your auto fill email does not have a "invisible" space at the right side, once I was driven crazy everything was correct but still problems took some time to work out the cursor was a space to the right!

I can't access the forums on my phone :( wish I could.... I can only log in to purchase things I can only access the forums if I use my tablet somewhere that there is WiFi.

Thank u for suggestion will remember that as well !