keeping it up longer

Hi guys and girls, I am looking for 2 products please one which should be similar to Viagra and one to help maximise the amount of cum per load, the reason for this is I am going to hog tie my wife and want to cum on her 2-3times thanks in advance

I am not sure if Viagra will help as that is associated with pumping more blood into your member .A similar effect can also be acheived with a cock ring as well .All the cockring and viagra will do IIRC is make your member big enough to enable to have penatrative sex with your partner as a help for ED .I don't think they will maximise your load though ![](upload://JDvwB4BqTlXmc0TRZyEqziKCrM.gif)

So you may be looking for something else.

There are alot of different products if you go onto essenitals then better sex for him :)

Increasing the amount of cum per load isn't going to increase the amount of times you can cum in a row. It also won't increase your second or third load in that scenario, as while your first load may be larger your body still needs time to build up another one regardless of the products you use. Can you cum multiple times, with or without a short break between? Because if you can't then you can't, I don't think there is a product out there that will change how often your body can physically ejaculate or force it to produce more than what it can in a given time period.

This product gets reccomended for increasing loads in general, it also helps your cum taste nice apparently:

I'm also not sure how this is related to keeping it up longer? Unless you mean getting it up again quickly after orgasm, but again I believe there isn't any way to force your body to shorten that recovery time. Even keeping it up in a forced way won't really allow you to blow multiple loads, in fact products designed to keep you hard for longer generally delay orgasm so they have the opposite effect. You could always just plan for a longer session?

an arousal tablet may help with th equcker recovery, keeping your body in an aroused state. when me and OH first had sex he did 4/5 in one night because he was that excited, alas that isnt the norm anymore