Keeping the mood whilst leaving the room?

Does anyone have any ideas how to keep the mood going if you are getting sexeh with your partner, but suddenly remember you've left the bath running or something and need to leave the room briefly??

Whisper something naughty in your partner's ear about what you're going to do to them when you get back.

i hand her a dildo out of the dresser and tell her to start without me, just dont finish

Tell her she'd better not wank while you're out of the room because if you catch her when you come back you'll have to pin her down and tease her for ages..........

if my partner needs 2 leave the room i just play wiv myself and think about whats about 2 come ..

if i need to leave the room when i'm horny n gettin it on wiv my man i drag im right along with me lol! maybe get him to turn the bath off n while he's leanin over the edge push him in n jump on top- get wet n wild, its great!

yeah im sure if you're both in that mood the other one can hold on for a few seconds and think of something to amuse themselves :D

give that pussy a good stroke knowing how much she,s loved & to keep that mood before running of ,a nice fingering in that moist pussy with a lick .

All the above suggestions are great, just don't say "Sorry, I've got explosive diarrhea, back in a moment" and you should do just fine.

Maybe use something to blindfold them to keep them guessing as to whats happening next before teasing them with a gentle nibble of the ear/lip/nipple etc and dashing off to do whatever needs doing x

when my wife and i are getting down and dirty but then realise something which causes 1 of us to leave the room, if its me i dont put any clothes on that have already been taken off if its just me and her in the place and give her a playful flash/play show before i leave the room and before i get up i really give her something to keep her "warmed up" like abit of very teasing playful oral

i made my OH wear my undearwear to go do it once, that was hot lol normally i just think about whats gonna happen when he comes back, keeps me entertained ;)

Generally an extra hot kiss followed by "hold that thought"