Kegel balls please help me

Hello everyone
I am currently using the jiggle balls which weigh 57g. I've had these for a while and use them almost all day, every day. I think I'm ready for an upgrade but I'm not sure what weight to go for. The next weight up is 60g so only 3g heavier so I doubt they will make much difference? I've read through threads and reviews and can't find how much weight I should increase to. I have been considering these
But they are 90g, would they be too heavy? Without giving tmi the jiggle balls I'm using now fit snugly and I have to tug hard on the string to get them to pop out now.
How do you know if you need to upgrade?

I'm sorry, I've just noticed the sex toy chat room thread maybe I should have put this there instead? I will do next time 😀

Hi, yes I think 90g would be the best next weight for you. Also try pushing the balls out rather than tugging on the string. My everyday set are the magnetic Ben Wa balls and are brillient in my opinion. They don't jiggle but they do really work for me. I can wear these for a full shift at work quite easily. But they are stringless so that would be a new challenge for you.

The ones you are looking at look good to progress up to, I have them and they are good set. There is the possibility of moving to free balls (stringless) in the future. My heaviest set are the FSOG goddess balls, I think they are the heaviest on here.

Your doing well, remember when you step op in weight it will be a bit harder, so don't expect to be able to wear them all day everyday to start with. I would start with trying to wear them to an hour at home, then increasing slowly as it feels comfortable. I hope this helps.

Thank you so much Fun Louise. Your advice has set my mind at rest and I've just ordered them along with lots of other things oops 😆
I was looking at the fsog ones and am hoping to progress to them eventually. The Ben wa balls scare me a bit at the moment, I think it is because there's no string, heaven knows why as I've had 3 kids so should be able to push them out. I will have a look at them again when I'm ready for an upgrade.
Thank you once again xx

Hi there, I was using the Tracey Cox ones 78 g and went on to the 90 g ones that you're considering with no probs at all and I've had three kids too.
They're a good set of balls ,I don't think you'll regret ordering them :)

Thank you wildflower that's good to know. They should be here tomorrow but Tom at the moment 😔