Kegel balls

Hi all. My kegel balls arrived today.
Now as excited as i an to try these. The holder is a bit off putting for me. I wanted to ask if anyone knew if it would be ok to insert 2 of these without the cradle? Id rather not go into A&E and have to explain how they got up there 🙄🙄
Thank you.

Hi the short answer is yes, but . . And there is always a but. . . Only if your an experienced kegal ball user. Being able to push the balls out is essential if they are free roaming and not in the cradle.

If these are your first set, use the cradle. Start with the lightest balls then progress to the heavier ones with time and practice, and use the cradle. After a while when the weight is not much of a challenge, then maybe then try without the cradle.

Im sorry if I sound negative but there really isn't any point in rushing things, enjoy the journey.

Hi Haniya, I think it's ok to insert the balls without the cradle, but I have to agree with Fun Louise: the tricky bit is getting them out.

I do that when I'm at home. I remove them everytime I need a wee. I squat down, breath in and when I breathe out I relax my pelvic floor and they come out easily. The thing is that you have to obviously wash your hands before you remove them, go to the loo and when you're done. All of that it's not easy when you're out and about.

If you're busy, you must remember as well you have them in, which I forgot once and it was a bit of a disaster, lesson learnt for me. Good luck!


It definitely is alright to use them without the holder, but I wouldn't advise doing so if this is your first pair of kegel balls. They can be tricky to remove at times even for experienced users although relaxation and patience helps.

One thing I will say though if you do decide to go ahead and use them on their own is that they can't get lost. There's nowhere for them to go in the vagina. It's not like the butt where things can get sucked inside. They will come out.

Can I ask what's putting you off about the holder?

Hi everyone thank you so much for all of your replies. I have tried them with the cradle and its not as bad as i thought! Iv had kegel balls before but they were just on a string. When i looked at the holder i just imagined it to be painful to insert. But with some lube it was easy.
I think ill use them as they are and as i get fonfident then i can see if i need to use them alone. Thanks again