Kegel Balls

I'm thinking of getting some kegel balls to help get back into shape down there after my baby is born. I've looked at some reviews but have only come across reviews for the sexual feeling. Does anyone have any experience using them to tone up again? And any suggestions?

The ones I find really working for me, have been discontinued unfortunatelly. They were the Sin Five ones.

have a look on the 'better sex for her' page they have ones specifc to toning on there :)

I've tried 3 different sets for toning purposes. The swoon ones were too big and light for me and I found them really uncomfortable to insert because of the gritty feeling of the material. The LELO noir ones are great and I think they're light enough to be worn by beginners/those who've given birth but still benefit advanced users (my bf could feel a difference). The fifty shades metal ones are the ultimate challenge - I still can't keep the in for more than 10 mins! I'd recommend removing the metal tag though as it's a bit uncomfortable.

So I'd recommend getting the LELO ones to start with:

And then the metal FSOG ones when you're ready for a bigger challenge:

You may find it worth looking into e-stim Kegel devices. I've found them to be the best to tone up with and once I give birth I will be going back to them.

The lelo luna beads, and jopen key, are good Kegel balls, although yet to try them post pregnancy.

Hey i bought the golden ones under 3 for £10 i dudnt find them arousing more tockles in strange way thanx to the free rolling weights inside.they got some weight i struggled afer 5mins but deffo worth a try as easy to pop in and have a cord so easy to pull out These are glass. They are easy to clean, you can heat or cool them. You can use them in or out of the sling. Good work out!

Thanks for the input. I never thought of e-stim, may need to invest in one. And then some kegel balls as I get better.

We tried the e-stim. It certainly gives the muscles a work out and can be used for other fun too.

AsYouWish! wrote:

We tried the e-stim. It certainly gives the muscles a work out and can be used for other fun too.

That's the only thing that worries me, especially about the kegel balls, I am quite easily lubricated and stimulated, and worry about being overly stimulated at inappropriate times. I didn't realise the e-stim would have the same effect (silly me). I guess the answer is to only use it when appropriate.

Being able to produce extra lubrication should be handy for e-stim as it can have a drying effect when used.

You wouldn't want to use e-stim for hours either. It is like intensive exercise to do in bursts.

Lady Ness, that's good to know then, thank you.

AsYouWish, yeah I suppose it's exactly the same as other electric toning products on the market (stomach toning belts etc) just to be used for 5/10mins ish. So it's not like you can pop it in and go about your daily life out and about. Are the kegel balls like that too, or at least until you're used to them anyway?

Does anyone know why your not supposed to use kegel balls while pregnant? Is it because of risk of infection?

I've spoken to a few professionals on this, and a few have said it's ok as long the mucus plug has formed and you're not high risk it should be ok. There are medical Kegel items which you can use in the second trimester onwards made from silicone or plastic. The kegelmaster and epi-no are two advertised and recommend by health professionals during pregnancy. However I'd avoid the kegelmaster as it pinches and its inner springs rust. I also the epi-no is rather over priced and the reviews of it and similar products seem to suggest it's only a little beneficial to strengthening your Kegels.
If you were to use something stick to ones which are silicone and non porous plastics, making sure the cord is not fabric.
Also clean before and after use.

Don't use e-stim during pregnancy though, unless it's for pain relief in labour and you don't have any complications.
@I_f some of the workout programs on my Kegel8 last up to 30mins long and I use to put on while watching a series episode. I have used the electrastim tadpole egg when moving around, and their new G-spot toy can be used on the go tOO. I'm going to try their new Kegel balls after my baby is born which combine free roaming weight with estim estim.

Oh and forgot to say don't use them when your water has broken :-)

Thanks Lady Ness. The kegel8 was the first one to come up on a search, good to see you have that too and have experience of it.
I think I'll just wait until after baby is born, I've never used them before so another few weeks won't hurt.

Thank you Lady Ness that's good to know :)

I've been doing the normal pelvic floor exercises during this pregnancy but I'm finding them too easy. But I guess thats a good thing lol. X

Using kegel balls with a mirena coil fitted? I really want to start kegel excersises but with the metal like threads hanging just low enough to reach I worry that certain materials won’t bode well with them?