Kegel exerciser advice

Hey girls just looking for some advice!

I am in my twenties, not had any kids but recently I've not felt particularly "tight" when my boyfriend and I have been having sex... even though he is very well endowed.

I already have these...

but I really don't like them. They're not too big but I find them uncomfortable and the string pinches. I can't feel the jiggle at all, they're just not nice!

All the kegel exercisers on here seem to have good reviews but I'm not convinced I will and I don't want to waste my money.

I was looking at these ones as they don't have a string which I think would be more comfortable.

But honestly I have no idea what size to get, what weight would be best. Any advice ladies? Share your kegel stories.

I'm stunned coming across this thread! I've been trying to find the time to ask these questions myself - I even have the same ben wa balls as you!! In relation to these I do find the string a little painful if caught incorrectly...

I have lately been putting these in for the evenings (mooching round at home) I find to get the best *jiggle* I've even started doing light excerises with them in - killing two birds with one stone, fitness and arousal! The more active you are I guess the more movement they will give you...

Unfortunately I cannot advise on what else to try as I have no further experience but I hear its good to start off big and light, working your way up to smaller heavier designs...

This set caught my eye the other day:

Though personally im not sure on the retrieval cords - I like to discreetly tuck them away and these look a little too 'rigid'?

Sorry I've not been much help to you but I will definitely be watching this space!!

Haha snap! Yeah I've tried to use mine when doing a bit of exercise but I just find them uncomfortable and even when they do jiggle it's not a nice feeling!

I had my eye on these two but I don't know which would be better.

They're both the same weight but one pair is an inch smaller... don't know which would be suited to me. They're both way smaller than the basics one that we have. Maybe that's why the basic one is so uncomfortable! If it's better to start off bigger maybe I'll go for the second option.

I'd rather not have any retrieval cord, if it's string I don't think it's particularly hygeinic and I think plastic might be too rigid.

Anyone else have helpful hints for us?! xx

General rule of thumb is that smaller and/or heavier gives a more intense work-out. The ones you have are large and really light so they're not going to do much for toning.

Silicone cords aren't rigid. If you find some that are corded that you like, don't let the cord put you off until you try them. I don't have yours but I could see how that one would be irritating. No reason to go with a cord though if you'd rather not.

Of the two you've chosen, the weights are similar so the Black Rose ones are going to be more 'advanced' than the Icicles. Both are going to be much better than the lightweights you currently have. The ad blurb for the Icicles says they jiggle but I don't see how since they're solid glass.

Since you haven't had kids, I'd suggest giving the smaller ones a try. It might be that you wear them for less time before the muscles fatigue, but that's alright. Just be careful not to over do as you learn how your body reacts to them. It's obvious when the muscles get tired, they just ache a bit until you remove the toner balls.

I haven't found ones which are small enough to give me a good work out so I use heavy ones (128 g). Laveila doesn't like those at all, she prefers smaller like the Lelos and Ami. That's just an example of how these things vary from woman to woman. In my thinking, you may as well try smaller. If they're too much for you now, you might use them later after you've increased your muscle tone. (And of course you have a year to find that out.) But if you get ones that aren't enough for you now, they'll be less and less useful as your tone increases.

I know that 60 g isn't enough for me, but the Black Rose ones are lovely. Worth a try IMO.

After a week in the gyn ward and meeting several women with prolapsed bladders, I'm firmly of the opinion that every woman should do some form of regular kegel work. Wearing kegel balls is an easy way of doing that and the benefits are terrific. More intense orgasms as a short-term benefit and reduced risk of some serious health complications in the long term.

They really should be on the NHS.

I have these they are very comfy, they have string but as the toy is completely made of silione they are easy to clean and no pinching sensation, the jiggle can be felt easily!! I havent tried any others but I am happy with this one :)

I bought these ones in the end. Should be here tomorrow ;) eeeeek! x

Just bought myself the basics ones you mentioned in your first post, more to see how i get on with the design as i tend not to like anything rigid, if we get on, i'll be investing in some smaller/heavier ones myself :)

Never knew they existed, should help hopefully ease my irrational fear of incontinence.

i intend to do as i do with all my purchases, try them out in the shower. Probably odd, but i'm only just trying out masturbation etc after a life long fear of all things to do with sex due to severe OCD, atleast in the shower if i have a catastrophic failing of bladder control, it won't matter os much.