Kegels exercisers and balls

Hi Everyone

I am looking at getting a new kegel toy. I was wondering if anyone can recommend some for a more advanced user? Thanks for any replies xxx

Have you tried the Lelo Luna Mini Pleasure Beads? Theyr'e smaller than the normal ones :)

I have the Luna Beads Noir and they're pretty good!

Thanks Kitty I was looking at those or these ones - I like the idea of the glass ones but they don't have any reviews yet xxx

I like the look of those too, plus i'm a sucker for Icicles products, i've yet to come across something I haven't loved :D
Don't forget you can always return them thanks to Lovehoney's fab customer service

What I will say is that they're quite light with a combined weight of 34g

I have a few sets of kegel balls and exercisers and the Tracey Cox ones are a good place to start and are a good price They can be worn all day and are good for advanced users as you can really feel the balls jiggling around when you squeeze them tightly! I love do squats and house work in mine!

The Icicles ones look good, but if you’re looking for something more advanced then they are probably a bit light.

The Lelo Luna ones are great because they have lighter and heavier balls so you can jump up to something heavier when you’re ready / mix up your PV exercise routine by doing different exercises with each

These are listed as advanced kegel balls if and I can highly recommend them

Hope this helps! Xx

I bought the Lelo Luna beads at the weekend and I can highly recommend them. First couple of days and I've been wearing them for hours with no after effects. I don't really feel them though, so if you're buying them for the 50 Shades feeling, I'd go for something else, but I can definitely feel my muscles twitching and tightening.

The glass set looks lovely, give those a go and write a review for us! :p

Hello, I have the Ami set

The first ball is for beginner, the second is decently heavy and smaller, so could give some challenge, but the last one is 106g, small. And does provide challenge.

The Fifty Shades of Grey Inner Goddess ones would definitely be a challenge, wish they did not have this name, not sure I would buy them now.