Anyone out there had much experience with a Kegel exerciser? Do they make as much of a difference as they're supposed to?

I don't know about the exersizers you can buy but you can do squeeze exersizes without them, there's a variety of them to do too. I don't do them like all the time but I started 10 years ago and nearly broke a partners finger with my muscles a while back. You can also roll those muscles during sex or just staying still and it never fails to amaze my partner :)

Gain control and tone over those muscles and yes they do make a huge difference and not just for the man inside you, you can vary how everything feels by how you clench or relax those muscles

I've just ordered the Ben Wa love Eggs. I'll let you know how I get on with them. Wish me joy.

Any feedback on whether the balls work better than things like the Libertie or the KegelMaster ?

Balls seem to have the advantage that they're really simple to use...

doesnt anyone just do pelvic floor excersiseing while on the bus anymore ??

I do simple Kegel exercises several times throughout the day--pretty much without thinking now, since I started doing them over ten years ago. I have found that it strengthens my orgasms and I have a lot more control during sex. As Miss Kitty said, you can definitely amaze your partner with a few squeezes at the right time.

As for toys to help, I've recently gotten the Love Eggs to see if that takes it even further. I did find that the eggs are more enjoyable the more control over your contractions you have. So I don't know that I would recommend someone go from no Kegels, to the balls/eggs straight out the gate.

I think ben wa balls are really good for this. I've used these ones with a lot of success!

They can be a bit of a mental turn on to tell your partner you're wearing them. I think they make the hoovering etc a little more interesting! I use them as foreplay sometimes. They don't make you come like a vibrator does but they do cause some sensation down there.

I love them as foreplay. I have found that the little vibrations they make when I'm moving around are very much a slow-burn turn on--and I've always found that clenching my own muscles around a toy feels great. Like tricking my body into thinking I'm already having small orgasms.

I liked the eggs, myself. I thought the shape was easier to use.

Sorry, I never think to link to my review, as though you will all know just what eggs I mean. :)

Yeah that's true about the shape, the balls can be a little too wide when you're putting them in. But I like how fun factory cover the string so it's hygenic, that got a big plus form me (clean freak that I am!!)

Oh, I know, imelda. When I was ordering, I spent quite some time torn between the two for that very reason. I really wanted the clean strings. I think there is quite a price difference, though, so I figured I would start with the eggs and then go with the Fun Factory balls if I liked them, later.

I have spent some time now bleaching my egg strings. I guess it's nice to have white so you can feel assured that they are really clean after you bleach them, but someone wasn't thinking of the fact that sometimes before or after your period you might discolor the stupid things.

Yeah I've been really impressed by fun factory toys because they're so well made- definitely recommend them!

Oh, that is definitely true. I've got a few Fun Factory toys and they are always the best made. I've got quite a few of theirs on my wish list.

I love that there are starting to be companies coming out that make really high quality, non-sketchy products. I think it has only been in the last few years that manufacturers have realized that people will pay for quality when it comes to sex toys.

Exactly- well put. But my sinnflut is broken!!! Just sent it back to lovehoney, I'm gutted! What am I going to do without it?

I don't know. I think it's a fault. It just loses power after about a minute- VERY frustrating. Like it doesn't seem to charge properly :( I'm so lost without it, may take advantage of the rabbit amnesty as well so I have a better back up system lol!

Imelda, you need to use the sales more frequently. I could have faults in a couple dozen toys and still be found smiling half an hour later.

I REALLY need a general toy amnesty...:)

Trust me, i have plenty of toys to play with, but the sinnflut was something special. It's usually lack of batteries that creates the problem. I'm picky, I get stuck on a single toy!

I do have a top layer. :) I don't think I've ever heard of the sinnflut...

Okay, this is how out of control my wishlist gets--I had just typed that I hadn't heard of it, checked at LoveHoney and realized that the Chester Sinnflut had been on my wishlist for some time now. :)

lol how typical is that?! we've all done that sometime