Kinkiest thing you've ever done?

Figured start oen of these where we can share what we've considered to be the kinkiest thing we've ever done either with a partner or solo!

For me it hands down has to be going to dinner with my boyfriends parents, brother and best friend. He was being more the dom that night(both switches) so he put in a app controlled plug and made me go the whole dinner with him hiting it as he pleased. Spent most of the night digging my nails in his leg trying not to moan.

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Hello! Worn a butt plug on a nudist beach in Spain. It want a huge one in fact it was a recommendation of LHs booty buddy so small and discreet (I sort of hope lol) hardest bit was trying to be get too much of a boner...

There's a current/recent thread about this that you may find interesting. 👍🙂

Before lockdown I regularly used to go out wearing a remote controlled prostate massager with my wife operating the remote control. On a couple of occasions I've been playing guitar and singing in public while she's been buzzing me.

Many years ago a love wrapped me in cling film from head to foot apart from my genitalia. That was very exciting as I couldn't move a muscle.

Thanks Ian Chimp, I found that after I posted and haven't/wasn't able to find away to delete this one.