Labiaplasty for non-cosmetic reasons

Hey, I'm just wondering if anyone has experience of labiaplasty for health reasons rather than cosmetic?

I have longish inner labia and to be honest the appearance has never bothered me that much, certainly not enough to try and change it with cosmetic surgery. But recently I've started to have problems with getting small tears in the skin and sticking to my underwear, it's very painful and can sometimes bleed. I get fairly dry due to medications I'm on and have tried various methods of keeping the area less dry in an attempt to help the problem, but it doesn't really work. I visited my doctor a few days ago and she suggested referring me for labiaplasty to reduce the size of my labia and prevent the problem of catching and tearing. It sounds like it might work, but I'm feeling a little odd about the idea of undergoing what I've always thought of as a cosmetic procedure, I've never wanted to make changes to my body in that way. However if this could really help then I think I'll do it because the pain is so awful sometimes! I've done a lilttle reading online and some people have mentioned that it has also helped clear up recurrent thrush and UTI in some people, which would be great if it's true because I also get problems with that. So I was wondering if anyone here has had this done or knows anything about it?

I've never read this thread, so dunno if it has the answers you're after but thought I'd highlight it to you anyway...

Thanks Sum Sub, I have read bits of that thread before and from what I remembered it seemed mostly focused on the cosmetic aspect, but I'll have a skim back through and see if I missed anything.

You are saying for medical reasons totally understand as well.

I guess with any elective surgery you have to weigh up the pros and cons. If it was in any other part of your body would you be deliberating this much about it. If you're in pain and this procedure will help then you have to decide if the benefits outweigh the potential risks. Good luck.

Anything that makes you hurt/ bleed/ uncomfortable/ makes you totally depressed is a viable option to get something done surgically.
Some ppl change things about themselves which could be viewed as really cosmetic
From your descriptions, you have every right to get it sorted.
As women..we put things off, don't mention them for feeling daft, or that it will be viewed as selfish..... And then we suffer for years with something that could easily be sorted surgically.
Feel happy you are getting the support and result you need

assuming your labia hasn't grown bigger recently, what's the cause of the problems? you mention that the problem is recent. does that imply that you had large labia without problems for years before?

maybe something has changed recently, which could cause the issue? you mention medication, so maybe you need to change meds or will finish them sometime. if not, then is using some cream a solution. or perhaps having to be careful about underwear choices (material/fit). you might have a skin tear that isn't healing, from being mobile and/or moist.

I like large labia, and wouldn't want my OH opting for surgery without exploring other solutions first. Surgery might be a better solution for you, but could also be a permanent way of causing different problems. choose what's best for YOU, but make sure you understand all the options first. other options are easier/cheaper/quicker to try, and surgery is still always an option if they don't work.

Have you experimented with different underwear styles and materials? Could be a good reason to invest in yummy silk French knickers.

Are you likely to be on the meds for the rest of your life?

I don't know why it seems to be a recent thing, I can't think of anything that's changed. My labia certainly haven't, the medications haven't changed recently and I have tried different types of underwear but seem to have problems no matter what I wear. The medications, hopefully I won't be on some of them forever, but some of them I probably will be and others I'll be on them for a good long time yet. I've discussed with my doctor the various creams/lotions etc I've tried to alleviate it and she couldn't think of anything else to suggest I try :-/

I think what I'm going to do is go to the gynae appointment and see what they say, whether they can suggest anything else or if they think surgery is the best option considering all I've already tried. They may say it's not a good option for me, who knows. I am a little reluctant to surgically alter my body, but if it's the only possibility to get rid of the pain then I'll probably go for it.

Thanks for your input everyone!

Hope everything goes well and you feel better.xx

The decison to have surgery is for you decide. no-one should judge you for having it. you shouldn't judge yourself either by other peoples arbitary reasons for having/not having surgery. no one knows what its like unless you are in the position. 5 years ago i would never have considered surgery. but that was before i had a child etc etc.

I've had 'cosmetic' surgery. i had a tummy tuck. i felt that people would judge me. with things going through my head like why don't you just lose some more weight, go to the gym more. but after all these thoughts and issues going throught my head. i consulted a surgeon and he told me what i already knew that losing more weight and exercising more was not going to change my tummy enough.

I had the surgery my god is was painful for 2 weeks. but 6 months on is the best thing i have ever done.

if its what you want and after consulting a professional have it done.

good luck