well do you wear yours?

yeps me again lol
even here theres a need (but not a must) to lable ourselves
like i know i'm bi but i feel inexperienced enough that i originally opted for bi curious
i have a boyfriend (known him off n on 20+ years) and wench (bless her) that i'd simply love to fuck (not actually got together yet due to distance long story for another day lol) but i dont want more than the occational weekend with either so i opted for single
for me chemistry is a fickle lil beast lol, its a lot more about whats between the ears than between the legs.
so? did you opt to state a sexual orientation? did you opt to state a status? how well do these lables reflect the real YOU?
by the way i gotta send hugs to each n every one of you cos this has to be the most UNjudgemental site ever xxxx