Lack of sex drive

well my loveley wife has got to that age, she was on hrt but due to it beeing bad for breast cancer has stopped, there is history in the family, the problem is she has lost here sex drive. we have spoken about it, but i was wandering if there is any one else who has been through similar and any thoughts about what would help, we have a very loving relationship otherwise.

Morning aanda, a lot of people (make & female) lose their sex drives or go through a dry spell in life, sometimes it can be weeks or months or even years but the most important part is as you said (you have a long and loving relationship) as long as you can still feel the love and appreciation from eachother then slowly the drive will come back.

My partner and myself went through a massive dry spell after our last baby popped into the world, this was due to all sorts of hormones racing around and also just her confidence being knocked. Taking HRT and going through the change does impact women a lot emotionally and hormonal so this is completely normal. My suggestion would be to keep your happy and loving relationship going by surprising eachother and just doing your usual things, try and not let the lack of being intimate cause a huge ripple as love is more than just sex and you need to help and respect her at the time. I know our heads can sometimes take charge over our hearts but during our dry spell which lasted what felt like a lifetime, we become bitter and silly and almost childish because we had always been so active in the bedroom it was hard to cope with, but things slowly started heating up as we had date nights and did things we enjoyed at the start of the relationship, like late night drives and surprise trips at the weekend, even just going back to old spots which were highly sexual memories like a certain hotel etc helped massively.

It’s lovely to see you have such a loving relationship and remember this is far more important than a blowjob or a quickie

You may have to prepare yourself that now she doesn't have the hormones, it may be that her drive doesn't come back. With all the will in the world on her part, she can't make herself want sex, even if she loves you unconditionally and the relationship is close.