Lactation sex?

My OH has a real thing about me sucking her nipples so much so that she tried to induce lactation to make the experience even better for both of us, she just loved the idea of my suckling on her lactating boobs, we have 2 kids but that was way before we got dirty and the fact she didn't breast feed meant she never really lactated back then anyway. She read up about inducing lactation which can be done for nursing reasons, we bought all the right pumps and some herbal remedies which was supposed to help, she followed all the recommended time tables for using the pump but unfortunately it never happened and left us with a bit of a what could have been in our sex life. She wishes now she had taken advantage of natural lactatin when she had the chance but thats just a dream for both of us now! Just wondering if this is anything anyone does as part of their sex life or if anyone has been successful in inducing lactation for sex reasons? X

I had a little go on MrsTrines after the kids were born, not in a sexy way I just wanted to know what it tasted like.

First off it didnt taste like milk (as you can imagine), It was a weird bitter warm tatste. I cant even compair to to anything I've had. I realise I'm just rambling and not providing an answer to your question but it didnt do anything for us and we're nipple people :)

Good luck and I hope you get some answers.

I did it with an ex after she gave birth and it was a real turn on for me and her. As for making it happen I didn’t know it was possible.

I'd love to do this too. Quite like seeing vids of it. We have two kids but the missus couldnt breast feed really and of course a week or two after the baby she wasn't feeling overly Sexy and by that time she was it just dried up. Would love to make it happen again too but not sure the wife would be bought in to it lol Let us know how you get on and love to hear any other experiences from people... Did they squirt it out all over their over half lol...

Would love to do this, I've heard you can induce it from suckling every couple hours for 2 weeks, seems like a lot of effort and dedication though

I used to enjoy drinking my wife's milk when the little ones were born and yes it is very sweet tasting no wonder babies like it.

I role play as an adult baby sometimes and would love to be breast fed but not found the right lady yet !

I have yet to have a child, but I've always had something about suckling my man too. Like Mature 2, I know someone who fed her man for some time after her baby moved on.

I know my husband is up for it too. if you could induce lactation, I bet he'd want to have a go!

She needs to be pumping very frequently, and through the night. It's hard work but I've seen it work on other parts of the internet. Pumping while looking at old baby pics or holding any old keepsakes of clothes can help, or spending time cuddling other people's newborns. It's all about tricking her brain chemicals

When we had our little one I did try it and it tasted like warm vanilla almond milk 🙈 . We found the leaking was becoming quite stressful after a while and also my partner became quite sore and tender so we didn’t go against nature because of all this. I have seen that inducing lactation can work but as others have said it’s all about playing with your brain chemicals, especially if you haven’t had children. This can in some cases lead to false pregnancy etc and can be quite distressing. So always consult with a doctor if you can, some herbs are also known to help such as Fenugreek, blessed thistle, hops, goats rue etc. It can be difficult but like anything in life, if you want to achieve it you can.