Ladies Day

Tomorrow the content team will be celebrating 'Ladies Day' by wearing dresses to work and bringing in nibbles....

Is anyone else doing something similar to celebrate at their workplace or at home?

Ooh didn't know it was ladies day :) can't imagine there will be much going on at work as there's only 2 of us and about 50 men but we could celebrate i suppose, bring some cakes in maybe :)

Yeah you should! Lightens the day :)

Pop something pretty in your hair and take in cucumber sandwiches! :D

im the only lady that works here so if sunny will be in dress anyway

No, we don't do anything like that. Sounds interesting.

It would be nice to something girly. Our work place in domonated by males and I work in a hardware store so I'd stick out like a sore thumb if I wore a facinator and broach.
Happy ladies to all who are celebrating though.

I suggest that those ladies (and any men who indulge in feminine undies) who are unable to wear a dress / fascinator to work should make sure they wear undeniably sexy lingerie under whatever they usually wear to work tomorrow.

Then you can spend all day feeling super sexy knowing you look damn fine under those clothes!