Ladies, have you ever let your partner shave you?

I am quite keen on a smooth pussy, especially when I'm giving oral. My OH sometimes waxes but it's a bit painful (only a bit!?). She has tried shaving but found it awkward. So, for now she is back to natural but I'd really like some smooth action once in a while.

I have offered to shave her and she hasn't ruled it out... so I wondered if there are any tips or wise advice you nice folks can pass on about the best way to go about it. I was thinking of her lying on the bed, but obvioulsy that could get a bit messy. Doing it in the bath or shower may be a bit too awkward. Also, if she was lying down we could use a blindfold for extra fun (on her obviously!).

Ooops, the same post seems to have appeared twice. I'll try and report this one to close it. Please see other thread!