Ladies need help with bra size Please

Hello ladies I'm looking at the Lovehoney love me lace 1/2 cup bra to surprise my wife can any of you please possibly help me out I know she wears a 38D bra I check the tags on the favorite ones she wears but when I go to order it says Large dress size 10-12 1x/2x size 14-16 Any idea which siza I should buy? I know that's a hard question to answer And do any of you ladies wear the 1/2 cup bras if so how do you like and rate them any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you

I don't wear half cup bras but I'd suggest going for the 14-16 size x

Hey, I would go for the Large as a 38 bust falls into that catagory on the sizing guide. However if it is the wrong fit you can get in contact with our 24/7 customer care department and they can get the product exchanged for one that does fit! Have a lovely day!

As a general tip a lot of the 'helpful' reviews will have the reviewers measurements in so you can get a bit of an idea how well it fits certain sizes. And don't forget to check the reviews for the different colour options if there's not many in a certain one. 🙂👍

Thank you ladies for the help I really appreciate it and will also check the reviews and decide on which one to buy the black white or red. I think I like the red but she will probably pick Black if she's ordering so looks like it will be black Thanks again for the help

Also it is worth keeping in mind it will be a mix of UK/US/AU reviews so it may not be the same size. Eg. A UK 8 is a US 4