Ladies orgasm help... how to keep going

Hi all. Little shy to post this but here goes. After receiving some of the lovely toys on here (mantra products are now my favourite), I’m really enjoying my sex life again (after having kids it’s taken a while to come back). But I find after I orgasm through clitoral stim ( which i love) I would want the night to carry on with more playing before sex but I find I am just way to sensitive to carry on. Is this normal... do you just work through it? I want that feeling again and again but it’s almost painful to carry on with a vibe etc externally. Anyone else the same as this. Any help or tips please? Thanks

You could try swapping sides / area - lots of women are more sensitive on one side but by the time that side needs a pause, other hot spots might have woken up!

And, try a toy on a lower setting, or a more gemtle finger / oral technique.

Or, have a break and do something else - maybe oral for your partner, before coming back to clit stim adain before penetration.

I wouldn't try and push through it if it's almost painful to carry on with a vibe. I've ended up with cystitis trying this! I'm prone to feeling very sensitive after one session with a vibrator, you could try a different lubricant to see if it makes a difference - YES organic moisturing lub is very good.

You could try using your clit vib through a piece of material to make it less intense on the clit. Or once you've orgasimed through Clit stim, avoid this area and move on to an internal vibrator instead.

ARe you using your Vib directly on your Clit for too long? if so try just using it to the sides instead.

hope something helps

This toy has been a revelation for my wife and has certainly permitted longer (& multiple!) play times due to the fact it makes little clitoral contact whilst hitting the spot without making her over sensitive.

Alternatively, seek advice from your GP/Nurse in case anything else is going on.

Good luck and great to hear you are enjoying yourself again!

My wife can have two orgasms consecutively and very occasionally 3 but she too gets so sensitive that clitoral stimulation becomes painful. She can start again and repeat the process after a while though.

PCC - that's very interesting, I wonder if other women find they get on better with womanisers when they suffer from over sensitivity

I had always assumed as they give women strong orgasms that the sensitivity would be worse afterwards

We are huge advocates of the womanizer. My OH can have multiple orgasm with it when usually she is too sensitive. Also at the other end of the spectrum it prevents numbness that can build with a long vibrator based session.