Ladies With Big Boobs

Does anyone one else here have a complete nightmare trying to get bras that fit - and are actually sexy? Many big bras (I'm 34E) seem to be really old-fashioned. I don't want to pay loads either as I like variety.

I'm a huge fan of La Senza, does anyone else have any recommendations?

I recently wrote to La Senza castigating them for not having larger sized lingerie. The reply I had back was considerably less than helpful.

M & S are now doing some sexy lacy bras and panties - in larger cup sizes. And they're reasonably priced. Or, try I've always found them excellent.


I'm a size 22/24 and I get all my lovely and sexy lingerie from

I find the majority of their products to be flattering and well made, having said that, you do get what you pay for and some of the lines are a bit on the cheap side. As a quality manager by trade, out of principle, I only reccomend what I have faith in.

Hope you find something you like!

bought some nice stuff for my gf (32G) from

omg yes! all the cute bras always go up to about a 34D or sumfing, im 34DD-34E now and all i c are boring plain bras, mind you i did get a nice one from littlewoods not long back and a bra catalogue came through the door with all plus size bras in (up 2 a G cup) but forgot what its called....anyway they were way too expensive!
thanks for the websites on here tho guys!

Managed to get some lovely stuff in the La Senza sale - 4 bras and matching pants for less than £40 - can't knock it!! do some nice stuff.

I've fallen out with La Senza. The bra I really want is in the sale, but they never stock more than a couple of 34Ds, so I can't find one! *grumpy* lol. Love La Senza when they have the sizes- although I never get one of the proper bags for some reason.

Found some nice lingerie and bras in larger sizes on (as well as other stuff) I am a size 40 DD and have no problems with sizing.

I dread bra shopping. I recently went crazy and bought 2 from La Senza, 2 from Figleaves (Freya) and 2 from Bravissimo. I ended up sending them all back apart from one of the Freya ones. I found the Bravissimo ones quite mumsy and not at all sexy. The La Senza ones were just really bad fitting. I am a 36E. I also find Bikinis impossible to find - i've got to get one in the next few weeks for my holiday - any suggestions on where to find sexy ones that also function well would be great!

Don't go for halter neck bikinis if you're busty is all I can say. They look horrendus because they just seem to hang there like sandle bags that have hiked up hill for the holidays. I know they're recommended, but I find something in the old style crop top vein, or more like a proper bran works better. (mind you, that said, I do have a fabulous white 007 style one that is halter neck and looks amazingly good- and that's from Primark of all places!)

I'm not enormous by boob standards (40DD) but I find that M&S has the best selection of cute, affordable stuff - they have a couple of ranges that cater for larger cup sizes. Their only downfall for me is that they seem to have overlooked the fact that women with big boobs often have big bums too, lol... and so I find it tricky to always get the matching knickers in my size. It's almost as if the designers don't want to fathom the thought of a larger lady in lovely lingerie!

Evans is also a good spot as they always have larger cup sizes and most of their range is really pretty. Not too expensive either... but if you're lucky enough to have big boobs and a small figure, it's not going to be much use! I do find some of their bras fit really oddly, so I'd recommend trying everything on!