I am a straight girl, but would love to go to a lapdancing club with my husband and have a private dance. I get really turned on by breasts and would love to have a gorgeous girl dance for me. Any other girls out there like the thought of having a female lap dance?

Maybe because if you put your finger on it, they'd call security?? :p

Hotpussy, I can only imagine it would be pleasurable for both you and your husband!

No chance my OH would suggest or agree on such an entertainment.

I understand how you feel hotpussy...I find lapdances really sexy, despite being straight. Don 't worry about it, I think a lot of women have similar thoughts xx

hey just been reading your thread, may I just add to your excitement by revealing that I do pole dancing. (I suppose it's quite similar) You still dance skimpily and seductively around a pole.



It would be even more exciting if you, ronnie-baby, reveal where one can watch you dancing!

now that would be telling?!


I am straight but I have never thought about it - but i think it would very entertaining and quite pleasurable - maybe thats on my `to do' list x

I think I would enjoy a female lap dance about as much as I would a male lap dance - that is to say, not much.

Pole dancing, on the other hand, I've seen some interesting examples of online, and I think the real thing might be fun. But then again, I'd probably be watching for the dancing more than for the sexual thrill, so maybe a same-sex one would do the job as well.

Depends on the quality of the dancing, I guess.

Monday night is couples night at a local lap dancing club (its a nice on too), somehow, despite it being mentioned a lot (by her) we still haven't managed to get ourselved organised and its tuesday, Damn!

Back in 2007 my then fiance (now wife) and I went to a lap dancing club in Surfers Paradise, Australia. I'd been there a few years earlier with the boys and remembered the club being excellent. The rules were simple, while you were having a private dance you could touch the girl anywhere except between the legs or butt cheeks. We ended up spending about $300 on private dances and I absolutely loved the sight of my other half caressing another girls breasts and arse whilst she writhed naked in front of her.