Lapdance songs

Would really like some help! Got a whole night planned for my guy tomorrow night, making a 3 course meal, massage oil, candles and im planning on tying him to a chair and giving him a lapdance and strip tease. Can anyone recomend a song??

brass in pocket by the pretenders

Closer by nine inch nails. Errrr what else did we play... hmmmm. oh i cant remember! Ill come back :p. Just go through your music and pick ones that make you feel good

Lapdance - NERD

Dirt - Depeche Mode

ginuwine....pony. Love that song, find it very raunchy.

vita - justify my love

Thanks for all the suggestions! Think im going with nine inch nails :) x

T.Pain/Flo Rida : Low

Blackstreet : No Diggity

Color Me Badd : I Wanna Sex You Up

Angel of the Morning

Dusty Springfield : Son of a Preacher Man

Republica : Drop Dead Gorgeous

Cardigans : Erase/Rewind

The Vines : Ms. Jackson

Black Eyed Peas : My Humps or Boom Boom Pow

Dirty Cash by Stevie V....the original version

hahhaah night nurse, gregory isaacs

FoxyStoat wrote:

Dirty Cash by Stevie V....the original version

I always think of Heavy D & the Boyz when I hear this for some reason.

Crazy Town - Butterfly

Your best to pick something your familiar with though, so you know where the song is going and can keep your striptease flowing ;)

ACDC- The Jack

Nina Simone- Spell on You

Florence and the Machine- Addicted to love

Peggy Lee- Feaver

personal jesus - marilyn manson

close to me - the cure

Slave - Britney Spears

For Your Entertainment - Adam Lambert



Hawksley Workman Striptease ;-)

Dirrty - Xtina :D LOL!