Larger Rabbit

Does anyone know whether there are any larger rabbits available in terms of girth? I love that they are short and rabbit ears are divine, but all my rabbits aren't really wide enough to be FULLY satisfying (pun intended).

I've already got the biggest one lovehoney sell in terms of circumference! Definitely a gap in the market in my opinion!

yeah i agree, ive moved on to using bigger girth dildos and using a wand against my clit. might work for you? the biggest circumference rabbit here is 5.9 inches,

5.5 inches

hope this helps!


Have you tried a rotating rabbit? They tend to feel bigger.

We wouldn't be able to point you in the direction of other rabbits if they were not sold on Lovehoney, as that is against the forum rules. In general though, I don't think I've seen any above 5.5/6 inches in girth. At that point, many people seem to opt for using two toys simultaneously rather than one!

This might be ok for you 5.9 inches in girth

Some good suggesting I would say try to find one on lovehoney and see which one you like. Its hard to find one also lol but the ones that have been comment look good. If not you an always contact the live chat at lovehoney and has them if their any other. Their live chat is epic. Sorry i could help.

Definitely a gap in the market for girthy rabbits. Perhaps suggest it in the Pander to me thread

If you've a girthy dildo you like, why not get a Rabbit cock ring to fix on it?

Been wanting more girth to rabbit is my ultimate toy just seems to really hit all the spots but girth is a let down if only their where more girth i feel would bring that one thing lacking in my orgasm. Which other wise are incredible really hope this is something lovehoney will look into

We have used a dildo and a rabbit cock ring before ..but would love a girthy rabbit vibe