Laser journey

Having both shaven our pubic area for many years, late last year Mrs Sen bought a laser treatment pack, under arms, legs and brazillian

She has had 3 treatments so far and the tesults are fantastic, underarms barely needed shaving after 1st treatment, legs greatly reduced hair and her bikini area has responded well

After first brazillian treatment no real change. She only shaves once a week snd it was stubbly pretty quickly after.

After 2nd treatment, noticeable slowdown in regrowth and barely any stubble, even a few days after shaving.

She had 3rd treatment last weekend, will update with progress.

All this inspired me to put my big boy pants on and get myself done too, thanks to end of year sales, got shoulders and manzilian treatment for 1/2 off.

Had first treatment today, was quite disconcerting waiting naked with just a modesty towel and its been a long time since anyone other than Mrs Sen or a doc has seen me naked, but the girl was a consumate professional, she got me to move things around so she could guide the laser head. Both shoulders and groin done in about 15 mins.

Will be fascinated to see its effectiveness. Have tried a home IPL system that did nothing even after 4-5 months (and same for Mrs Sen) but the clinic lasers are far more powerful.

I did have to request she do my scrotum, next time ill also ask about perianal too.


Good to hear. We did electrolysis about 18 months ago (after I had very good results with it some years ago). We love the fact that we did it, and it both feels amazing and is a great returner of time. I look tip-top at any point, so “can’t be arsed” isn’t a problem.


This is good to hear. I’m have my first treatment booked tomorrow and I am bricking it :laughing::grimacing:


Aw @mrssaffa. I’m sure it will be fine. I had a bit of discomfort, but was soon over it, and the freedom of not having to do all that shaving crap was well worth it.


@KinkyMira I’m not too fussed about the pain it’s more some random all up in my business but I am sure they don’t care one bit :rofl: once I’ve done it once I’m sure I’ll be less anxious about it! You’re right - it’s going to be so worth it :slight_smile:


I am sure you will be happier once it’s done.
The only regret my wife had, was not doing it sooner


I will be following to see your results . This has been on my maybe list for some time . For those that have done this for some time , do the results last a long time ? For me the hardest part would be finding a salon to have it done , how the heck can I find out #1 who does privates and #2 what are the costs ?

The place my wife had her underarms done was how she started. She asked when in there, what else can be done and they said the can do anywhere on anyone, so just look online at any treatment centre.
Once she had a couple of sessions, we bought the home kit and i did it for her.
I have spoken many times on here about her kit and how great it is.
I know som3 don’t like the home kits but we have saved so much money doing it, and when the odd hair appears, it’s easily done.
It’s also a massive time and embarrassment saver.


How many treatments does it usually take?
@Bonzo2020 How much did your home kit cost?

Also is there a pube reclamation scheme where you can donate your pubes to the manufacture of non stick scourers and the like?

My wife was told 4-5 full treatments but she saw decent results after 3.
She then wanted her own one so she could do legs, arms and a close bikini line as they gave her pants to wear and they did a line around these.
The home kit was £90-£110 I believe off the top of my head.
There have been previous threads on this where I put the product.
Some don’t get on with the home kits and some home kits are crap but this one was in a Womens mag and got 5 stars.
She now has a perfect landing strip, no hair on her arms, legs thanks to it.
She may shave about once every 5-6 weeks for anything new, but it’s rare

Thanks for that. I took a look at your history and found it but it’s up to £299 now :astonished:. I had a look on a site that is named after a rainforest but a search for that brand only comes back with generic units. Could you take a look at the results to see if any could be your one rebranded? Generic IPL
Also this is stupidly cheap but looks good, what do you think? Stupidly Cheap
Or even Not so cheap but looks better


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Does anyone know if laser works on blonde / ginger hair? And how does the pain compare to waxing? I’ve tried waxing, shaving and hair removal creams and either ended up with bad reactions or awful ingrown hairs. I’m now stuck with just trimming with scissors but something more permanent would be nice!

Try shaving again but instead of using foams or soaps use a good quality body lotion on wet skin. You will not have any razor drag or burn and no soap residue to cause drying of the skin. It also leaves you moisturised, smooth and if you pick one you like the smell of, that’s a bonus.

Day after and no skin irritation issues which is good.

As for pain level, barely noticeable, a quick light snap of a rubber band. The clinic machine has a fan near the head that blows cool air to reduce the heat effect on the skin, it feels kinda weird.

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None of those on Amazon are the same.
None of the other ones you tagged are the same.
With so many people saying it doesn’t work, I can only vouch for the make my wife has. I guess it’s the same for anything you buy, it may or may not work if you buy a cheaper brand.

As regards to pain, my wife will hold a normal conversation while doing hers.
The only thing I would look at, is to buy the goggles separately. It’s a bright flash and some of the glasses don’t protect enough.
I bought her some cheap welding standard ones which are darker and are great.

Just imagining a full welding mask. :rofl:


I just had my first one today too and it said on the consent form it may not work well for blonde, grey or ginger hair.
I can’t remember if it meant you would just need more treatments or if it out means it won’t work at all. I’ll ask at my next treatment if you like. :slight_smile:


Thank you, that would be great if you don’t mind @mrssaffa !

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@Kitty-Cat01 of course! It’s not for another month but I’ll check in back here when I find out. :slight_smile:

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