last night

last night i was walking my dogs around my local park and i come a cross a block giving another block a blow job now does this make me a nob or is their a time and a place for this,and would i be saying this if it was two girls going at it i don't think so, so does this make me an hypocrite

block head!

was it very late or was it still a bit light... did they notice you and stop?
As for the fact that it wouldnt bother you if it was 2 women does make you an hypocrit... if you think there is a time and a place if its 2 guys then the same goes if its 2 gals too!
I would be worried if they noticed you and didnt stop or move on..also the fact that they were in a park worries me a bit too... Sigh... hopefully it was very late and no kids could have been out...even though I see kids out at 10pm now :S

well thats strange!! i dunno what i would have done if i saw that! did they notice you? they probably wanted to do that in a daring place for the buzz

Local park - where might that be ?????

Not to miss an opportunity. You ought to be a lighthouse keeper your always on the lookout. LOL

No offence meant totally tongue in cheek

None taken Sexybeast matey, will keep my eye open for suitable tree trunks at the same time for your woodworking activities !!!!