leave in stimulation??

so i looked at some of the Sharon sloane double dildo panties (both internal for the wearer i believe they were) but they are quite expensive for what they are.

the reason i looked though is that the GF thinks having something in her whilst out for dinner or at a movie etc would b very excititng. :)

But what would people suggest?

thnks in advance

Try a remote control love egg. Then she can feel something inside her and you can play with the settings


that does look fun but we were thinking more dildo-y...... great new word right there:

Dildo-y : (Dill-D'oh-EE) having the shape an appeareance of a dildo....



i may have answered my own question, instead of something ike a dildo..... use a dildo. :0

or maybe a butt plug? they would go in and stay in, providing they were cleaned first obviously.

unless somene can see a downside?

Going to the toilet would be an interesting adventure...

yeah... thats true Curly wurly, but it can be when i'vee got my CB6000 on properly ;)

These look good for remote control fun whilst you're out and about :) http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=28581.

This plug looks amazing too! http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=25261 I want one now!

OR a female chasity belt like this? http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=15753

Loads of stuff. I love Bondage Boutique so I'd say go for the last one :D ! Xx

This might not be in your price range, but this looks perfect for what you need...


I once put a cadbury cream egg in my wife because she thought the same and she was my dessert.We both loved it A little advice dont let her wear white pants and have a vaginal flush after. Choclate not good for her left inside.

Sounds like an interesting thing to do.

I can only think though that on the drive to the cinema you'd almost be aiming for the pot holes to make the car bounce :p

This why the chocy egg works really well you can get it in far enough to still be able to go to the loo and as soon as it starts to melt it stays put. Try and enjoy.

You could try kegel balls, my wife loves those. I'm going to invest in some of the latex pants with a single dildo inside as i think a plug at the same time might be too much for now. Sadly LH don't do the single dildo ones but you can get them for £29.99

Ive bought a remote control egg for my partner to use on our anniversary dinner

Keeping it a secret is killing me!

Well done you, thats amazing