Lelo Luna beads

I bought these when on the 3 for £50 offer, but not tried them yet. Apologies if I sound stupid, but fairly new to toys (late starter!), I am afraid they will get stuck in there or that one ball will pop out of the harness they are in! I am still tight but don't want to loose my muscle control as I get older, so thought these would help.

any advise? Are they worth trying?

They won't get stuck...I haven't been able to use mine very much (only a couple of times) as being a dimwit ordered the wrong size but I have used similar Venus balls (a long time ago) and they don't get stuck...you can simply "push" with your muscles if they are a bit too far up for you to reach. But honestly, the string on the bottom ball is long enough that they won't disappear that far. As for the harness, it seems pretty tight fitting I would not imagine it would come off. If it did, you could simply pull the lower ball out. The upper one would be more of a struggle but you could still push it down far enough to get a finger in and pop it out. Obviously check the harness over regularly to make sure it's still intact, but if it is I can't see the balls coming out of it, it's a struggle to get them into it sometimes!

They are designed to be worn up there and the Lelo brand is renowned for really good quality...all these things will have been thought through in the design process...give them a bash!

They won't get stuck you've more of a chance of them slipping out then staying up there :)

I've got the Noir ones by Lelo and they are pretty good :)

Like other's have said, there's no way they could get stuck, and I doubt they would come out of the harness. The safety cord should always stay outside of your body, but be sure to check on it every once in a while just to be sure. If one of the balls does come out the harness though, just squeeze down and your muscles should push it out, maybe with the help of a finger if need be too.

The actual balls are attatched to both the harness and the cord so I can't see them falling out of the harness being a problem as even if they do they will still be attatched to the cord. Using these balls is much the same as using a tampon. Also the point of the balls is to weigh down on your pelvic floor muscles so they shouldn't get stuck at all and if they do there isn't really that far they could go. A squeeze of your muscles should easily pop them back out again. A good tip when using these is to use lube when inserting them and when I remove them I squat down to make it easier.

I personally found these to be too heavy for me. I am in my 20's and have had one child. Luckily though you can remove just one of the balls from the harness and use just that one- with the cord still attatched.

I have the mini Luna balls and I'm guessing they're not that different so trust me when I say you don't need to worry about them slipping out of the harness! You have to proper push them into the harness because its such a tight squeeze and your muscles will clench around them once you pop them in so they're not going anywhere.

They won't get stuck either, just make sure you leave the removal chord hanging outside. They're basically like a tampon, just a different shape :)

You will be fine as all the girls have said