Lelo Luna Smart Bead

I was wondering what everyone's views were on the new Lelo Luna Smart bead? It's meant to be a kegel trainer that senses how hard you can squeeze and alters it's vibration guided workout on how hard you squeeze.

My girlfriend has tried the Lelo noir beads and the je joue 3 step. Do you think this new one is a gimmick or a great idea? I suppose the only way of knowing for sure is getting one once love honey has them!

I read a review the other day (http://propertyofpotter.com/review-luna-smart-bead-lelo/) and they seem quite interesting! I really like the idea of a more intuitive kegel excerciser. Not impressed with them needing batteries though, or the colour choices...

I love the idea of it, it's a little basic looking however and I agree, I'm not keen on the colour choices but I wouldn't turn it down. Its Lelo, it's either gonna be great or a let down X

I also noticed it on Facebook,but haven't read any reviews yet.Seemed inriguing.

I'm really interested in the concept, certainly solves the debate many women have of 'what do I do with kegal balls, do I actively squeeze them or do I just keep them in?' I for one would love to give them a go just to see (hence why I asked in the pander to me haha), it's almost like the biofeedback you'd get from your doctor and since I have no access to that, this seems a good substitute? I always worry I'm not doing enough or I'm doing it wrong so a little personal trainer to keep me on track sounds great! Haha.

Agreed I'd like to see more colours though. The soft pink is super cute but I love blues and greens and lelo have made some nice shades of both, so kinda hoping they add them in! Seems weird they don't even come in black or white though?

The Airbee which I've tried and tell how powerful you clench around the devices shaft. The new Smart Bead looks good and easier to use use.

It certainly looks interesting. I wouldn't buy it until I have read loads of good reviews, though, still vividly remembering my worst ever sex toy/ Kegel excerciser purchase, Swan the Clutch, which really wasn't worth the money I had splashed out on it...

i like the sound of these, but Lelo are always out of my price range sadly and I have no willpower to save up long enough!

I did see it, as I am subscribed to Lelo news leter and it got me curious, but I did not have yet time to check any reviews. Hopefully soon ...

Hey there! My review is the one sleepycelia linked to (thank you). If any of you have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask. It's best to reach me through email (you can use the contact form on my website), but you can also tweet to me as well - @pottersproperty

I'll try to check back here to see if you've posted any specific questions! :)


As others have already mentioned, Property of Potter has a great review of the Luna Smart Bead up on her review site.

I've also got my own review of the Luna Smart Bead up if you're interested:


I'm ridiculously excited about it... Here's hoping/saving! :)

The concept sounds good but as mentioned it isn't cheap so it'd have to be amazing...

In case you hadn't seen yet, the Lelo LUNA Smart Bead is now live on Lovehoney, but we're yet to get any reviews on it!

I have to say I was really impressed with it when I had it on my desk last week. I think it's a brilliant idea for trageted kegel workouts, which also stimulate. You're basically getting a kegel trainer and love egg, all in one!

What I'd like to know is what happens once you're on the most advanced programme. Is it still beneficial?

It's a lot of money to pay if once you're on the advanced programme, it doesn't do you any good.

Anyone know?

It sounds brilliant. Does anyone know what the circumference is? I'm not seeing it on the page.

rose hip wrote:

It sounds brilliant. Does anyone know what the circumference is? I'm not seeing it on the page.

In the PropertyOfPotter review it says it's 4 and 1/8 inches at it's widest part

Thanks delilah.

rose hip wrote:

Thanks delilah.

No problem rose hip :)

I think it would be helpful if it was put on the product page as I'm sure a lot of people will want to know the circumference.