Lelo Siri with continental charger?

I just received the Lelo Siri I bought in advance and I am just wondering as the video shows UK charger and the description says UK charger. I got continental charger in the box, which is completely fine for me, as most of my electronics has continental charger and I have the conventor, but may be bit of problem if someone in the UK received it after assuming they are getting UK charger

Hi Laveila - thanks for bringing this to our attention. We have checked some stock and it looks like Lelo have sent us a couple with the wrong plug on them. We're in the process of sorting this out. If you can email us I'm happy to send a UK adapter to you separately.

If anyone does receive a Lelo with the wrong plug please do get in touch with us in Customer Care. you can contact us by Live Chat, phone or email to customercare@lovehoney.co.uk.


I have laptop and mobile with continental chargers, so I am fine, I have UK adaptor, as I had to bought one when I came to study here. Just wanted to bring it to attention,considering it does say UK charger and on the video it has UK charger and some people may get bit struck when they receive one with continental charger.