Lelo Smart Wand (Large) or Something else?

Hey Guys,

Its been a while since I last posted but I'm in need of some advice, were looking to "invest" in one decent toy after our toybox clearout and wanted to know what peoples opinions on the Lelo Smart Wand (Large) are or if there is a better "investment" for our money within this price range??

Also if anyone has this and a mains powered wand it would be interesting to hear the differences and your opinions :)

Finally, we are also looking to get 2-3 "cheaper" items for our new toybox (have around another £120 or so to spend) any and all advice is welcome :)


Sorry, I have no experience with the Lelo Smart Wand, but I hear it is good! I just thought I would pop a message here though because I don't know if you know, but Lovehoney have a fantastic offer at the moment: "3 luxury toys for £75"


You mentioned wanting 2 or 3 cheaper items for £120, so I recommend checking out that deal, especially as it contains the Lovehoney Mains Powered, Deluxe Wand Gift Pack (Phew, mouthful!) That is an amazing wand vibrator imo!

Thanks for that Fluff, the Mrs and I will have to take a look through them sometime this week and see what takes our fancy - some good stuff from what I've seen when I had a quick look just then, think we'll end up getting 6 things instead of just 3 hehehe XD

We ended up taking the plunge and getting the Lelo Smart Wand (Large) and who wouldn't when its only £81 with the 25% off voucher LH have on until midnight tonight - I know its a lot to spend on a toy (the most we've ever spent) so I hope it lives up to our expectations :)

The Lelo Smart Wand Large is an amazing vibe, so enjoy =)