Lelo ??

I've heard loads of great stuff about Lelo toys but I don't currently have one. My question is are the Lelo vibrators as good as I've heard they are ?

Also does anyone have a Lelo vibrator that they can reccomend ?

All help is appreciated.

Lelo are a great brand. Their range of toys and lubes/oils are generally always highly rated. I can't recommend a vibrator - the only lelo vibrator I have is the Lelo Billy Prostate Massager - but it's a similar shape to Lelo Liv 2. The vibrations in the Billy are fairly strong, just not quite strong enough for me.

But to be honest, if you took the plunge and bought a Lelo, if it's not right, you can return it. The quality of the toy is always exceptional and they really do feel like classy, luxury toys. They all look pretty too!

I'm no help, iId love a lelo but i did receive the lelo hula beads this morning and i can say they look and feel amazing and it does make me think that a lelo vibrator will be of very high quality.

I recently got a Mia 2 and I love it, it lives up to the hype and I'd definitely recommend it. I have a Mona 2 - which is the most powerful Lelo vibe I own, and good for gspot stimulation if you're into that, an Ida, an original Gigi, which I love but ironically don't use it that much for gspot stimulation, I use it more for clit stim, and an Iris, which I barely use as it's just too big for me. I'm really curious about their Smart Wands as I've heard lots of mixed reviews!

I don't think they're the most powerful brand out there, but in terms of product quality they're excellent. I've heard really good things about the Elise 2 too.

I bought a lelo product from a rival website and can report that it is extremely underpowered for the price plus the flap on the remote battery compartment is extremely poorly designed
The silicone though is first rate

would love to try Lelo products, but have some saving up to do first!

I currently own the Lelo Mia 2, Lelo Nea, Luna balls mini and the Hula beads. I'm extremely happy with the Mia 2, although it was a replacement for the original Mia which broke. Then my first Mia 2 broke after 3 months and I had to get it replaced. I don't think it's very reliable but I still believe it's an amazing bullet.

I haven't formed a final opinion about the Hula beads yet but I really don't think they're worth over £100. Yes, they're nice but incredibly over-priced. I'll need to test them out a few more times to write a review.

I also used to own a Gigi 2 and the medium Smart Wand however I didn't get on with either at all. Yes, they're luxurious but (in my opinion) don't deliver. The vibrations aren't anywhere near powerful enough for me and I don't think the Gigi is large enough to be an internal vibrator - but loads of people disagree so you'd need to find out for yourself.

The great thing about all Lelo vibrators is that they have a wide range of settings and are extremely quiet. They start off with a barely audible, gentle buzz but don't really get to anything mind-blowing. I think they're great for beginners to sex toys or people who simply don't need powerful vibrations to orgasm.

I own there Lelo products and they are amazing quality. They work well for me but if you are a power junkie I wouldn't reccomend them. The vibrations on them are no where near as intense as much cheaper vibrators I own. However if you want a luxurious treat these are the thing to buy.

Thanks everyone. You were all very helpful.

I like Jimmyjane more :) Luxury and a little cheaper than Lelo.

I have a fair few lelo products now. They are beautiful toys it just depends what kind of toy you're after. They're not the most powerful (although not weak by any means) however the large smart wand is infinitely more powerful than any of their other vibrators if you are looking for power in a lelo toy.

Hmmm, this is a tough one for me. I have a few Lelo toys. They do look beautiful, are quality, and the silicone feels gorgeous, but some do lack power.

I absolutely love my Mia 2, it's powerful and I've had no issues with it as of yet during the time I've had it - just a few months off a year I think.

The Alia is one from the Insignia range, beautiful but is seriously lacking in power, it pretty much just tickles my clitoris and I always find it long and timely to orgasm from it - when I manage to.

The Ina 2 definitely has power in the clit stimulator, however internally, not much.

And the same with the Gigi which is meant to be a G-spot vibrator but only really gives a pleasurable tickle internally. Never acheived a G-spot orgasm with this toy due to the lack of power for internal stimulation, but it's fantastic on the clitoris.

At the end of the day, it really depends on your preferences and your body's reactions. As always, what one toy make work faultlessly for one individual, may completely fail another.

LELO is a great brand, but not all of their toys are equally good. My first LELO toy (Liv) was a complete disappointment (I think it has already been discontinued). Beautiful to look at, but not enough power. MONA 2 on another hand is simply amazing, if you are looking for traditional vibrator look no further. It is very powerful, waterproof, has a variety of different modes and holds the charge for a long time.

The quality of LELO toys is superb. The packaging is to die for, no toy manufacturer comes even close. I store all of my LELO toys in their original boxes since they look so gorgeous. I also love the fact that they choose to make toys in colours other than pink and purple. Another major advantage (for me personally) is that none of their toys are intimidating in size. I am a small girl and I find girthy vibrators quite intimidating. LELO toys are very beginner friendly.

They're a bit overrated based on what I need in a sex toy. Most of my Lelo toys just aren't powerful enough for me.

I have to admit it depends on the Lelo toy. The quality and built is excelent, but sometimes they lack power. But they last decent time on single charge, they have long stand by, especially some of them, and they do seem to last years even with regular use - I have had my Lelo Siri and previous Mia for almost 3 years and both are ok.

I was VERY disappointed by the Mia 2. It is good vibration, but the previous version was stronger. Also the missing charging USB cable upset me, as I travel with laptop, in which I cannot plug it directly unless it is on the edge of the desk.

On the other hand the Mona 2 is powerful and really good toy, if the shape suits you. Which will not everyone.

The Smart Wand - depends which oen you go for, the large seems to be better for lot of people as it provides deeper and stronger vibrations compared to the Medium. I have the Medium and I am happy with it.

Tara/Ida - uhm... well... I like Tara because the rotating shaft suits my G spot, but I can say it will not be toy for everyone. The vibrations are really weak. Plus the shaft is rather big, so I can see lot of women would struggle to put it inside them alongside their partner.

Siri - one of my favourites. It did take me bit of time to get used to it, because I seemed to have more luck with bullets in the past, but then I found out how best to use the Siri and I love the toy now. It is one of the strong Lelo toys.

Gigi - I have the original and I can say it was rather weak. I cannot comment on the new one, I swapped this one for the Lelo Mona 2, which is more powerful.

Lyla - need to write a review, but I enjoy this egg. But I am not sure it is worth the price tag. I got it as a deal. It is not compeletely weak, but I think some women may not find it enough. But has a nice selection of teasing patterns to use.

Luna beads are really good thought. And I really enjoy using my set.

I love the Lelo Mia 2 as a clitoral vibro - small, discrete & packed with power. Always delivers the 'o'.

I am totally in love with the Lelo Lyla love egg. Really gets you in the mood and great fun to use as a couple due to the remote.

The Tara is marketed as a couples toy. My man said it 'failed miserably'. I think it is ok for solo play, but it did nothing for him except get in the way.

The quality and presentation of Lelo is superb.

I cannot offer comments on penetration vibes as I am more of a UR3 realistic if my man is not on site at service time.

Lelo are well worth the money I have a few of there toys and would recommend them

I think that the important thing to take into account when choosing a vibrator is what type of vibrations you like.

Lelo has quite high frequency vibrations and although they can be powerful, I find they are not enough to get me off. I have the Mona 2 and it's a beautiful design. It feels lovely and does get me excited enough, but never pushes me over the edge. (Believe me, I've tried, because I didn't want to think I'd spent all that money on something useless.)

For me the rumblier vibrations of the larger Fun Factory toys work better.

However, I do love my Ella, which is their small g-spot dildo. It's very handy for travel, although sometimes I find it a tad difficult to hold on to because of its small size.

Twilightgirl123 wrote:

I've heard loads of great stuff about Lelo toys but I don't currently have one. My question is are the Lelo vibrators as good as I've heard they are ?

Also does anyone have a Lelo vibrator that they can reccomend ?

All help is appreciated.

The Lelo Siri was the first toy I bought when I started working at Lovehoney. I've just written my review for it (oops, long overdue). I can't recommend it highly enough and it's still performing perfectly after nearly 4 years!

I received a lelo ina 2 this morning, i havent used it yet but i have turned it on and its shockingly powerful for very little noise and it feels lovely. Honestly i don't think I'd have spent £100 on it but I think the £60 I spent could be justified. Now i just need a good offer on the lelo love eggs (hint hint :))