Hey, I recently decided to try an anal vibrator and bought this one:
And after trying it out I couldnt get the 2nd part in, I've never explored much in anal lenght before, my best being 7 beads starting from the bigger end from this one:
The problem with the vibrator is that its a little too firm and when i try to get the 2nd part in, i feel some blockage and even tho theres no pain, I dont want to force it in, so I'm wondering has anyone inserted a firm toy with this kind of lenght? can it cause any damage?

I prefer flexible toys to firm ones if I want to go deep. However, I have a "firm toy" (OK, OK, it's a glass bottle!) that's 5.8 inches long, and I can insert this completely! The sphincter closes on it!
It's a Maple Syrup bottle. Look for it in Tesco! Rather square-looking, actually, and unless you're a dedicated bum-stuffer you'd probably never think about it as a potential sex toy! But mine has been a favourite for many years!
I use it filled (completely) with water, and with the lid fitted.
Inserted base first, I can tolerate it for hours. Days, even.

But if I present it to the anus lid first, the narrow neck goes in and prepares the way for the bottle's main body. It takes two, three minutes for the cavity to accustom itself to the invader, but gradually the main part of the bottle goes further and further in, and in due course the sphincter grabs it!
As the closing sphincter pulls my toy further into me, I always experience a weird little sensation that I call the 'inversion'. I think it's the soft, delicate rectal cavity and the lower intestine repositioning themselves to let my toy find a comfortable position! Once this has happened, all feelings of 'intrusion' suddenly go away, and I can go about my life while enjoying a gentle sensation of fullness!
The toy always remains accessible, and it takes little effort to eject it when the time comes to do so.

I'm not recommending that you do what I do. I'm just telling you what my experience has been. I derive great fun from what I do. But find your own pleasures. Make your own mistakes!

I did wait until all the syrup was used up first!

Newcastle Brown worked for me until l discovered butternut squash and three bangs !!!