Lesbian want pleasure at the same time

Is there a strap that has a vibrates the one wearing the strap? :face_with_monocle:


Ate you looking for a strapless one or regular strapon?

A regular strapon

Mine has a pocket where you can put a bullet vibe in. Unfortunately it’s no longer sold on here.

Would This be any good?


Yes that sounds like what I’m looking for.

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She doesn’t like anything inside her, but she loves our vibrant toys @alwayskinky

Harness briefs with a vibe pocket ?

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@rockstar does it work well. Is she going to cum

The harness briefs work well. Whether she will come or not depends in so many other things. The bullet vibrator used, its positioning, how sensitive she is. All these things will determine whether it works for her or not.

Kinky Mira, who posts in here, uses a strap-on harness when she pegs her husband and it does make her come according to her blog so maybe she can reccomend a suitable product .