Lets all meet up on here tomorrow !!!!!

Hi, how about we all log on 11am tomorrow and see what happens?

Oh humm .... hello anyone there !!

Seems not!

Aint that life !!!!!

Hello am I alone??? hehehe

Morning all, new to this site...

Recently puchased a few things, handcuffs, nipple suckers, EB bliss, cannot wait to try them out on my girlfiend!!!

Sounds like you two are going to have a fun time.

I hope so, she has been away for 2 weeks now, back on Sunday. I think I will explode!!!! I'm hoping she will like the gifts, we have only been together again for a 6 weeks (after a break of 20 years - it's a long story!!) and at present she does not have any toys. Anyone got a suggestion on how I should present these to her?

I'm sure she'll love them :)
I'd wrap them up like a usual gift. Red paper with a bow, ideally -- with a little tag with a naughty message.

Sounds good. shopping tomorrow!!

I would agree with miss nomer, when its in red paper it gives us woman a bit of a clue whats inside :P no shocks then....

Hello again, anyone out here !!!!

will check again in 5 mins

The only 'issue' is that she is a little inhibited and I am not sure how I should get her to use them!!!!

aks her what she would like to do :P giver her a few days to dream up some exciting fantacy !!
And you can get all excited waiting fo her to come up with something.
It will also take the pressure off her if she is new to sex toys..

tallboy its better to meet up late like 10pm cos I come on here all most every day at about 9 or 10pm

ok thanks, off to Loughborough today but will message when next about, xxxxxxx tend to be a morning person myself, hope that does not bode ill. Tallboy.

:) hi im up :P see I can see the morning lol

Hithere xxxx