Letting My gorgrous gf have sex with my girlfriend.

Hey all, New to this site, Found the forum after a little searching!, Hope everyone is all doing okay and I hope that this website brings a bit of spice to the bedroom, Here's a little question I would like to ask you all and what ever your reply or view on the topic I will totally respect it, I have been with my gorgrous girlfriend for a good few years now, The sex is amazing the relationship is really really good, I have had a fantasy for a little while of having a threesome with another guy, doing stuff with her not to me. Has anyone here ever had a threeway whilst in a relationship in my situation? all comments welcome, thanks D.

Hi Delvin,

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okay leanne no worries :)

Hello I havent but I thought I would welcome you.

Same as JTM, just thought I would say welcome also.

The subject of threesomes comes up often on the forum, I'm sure others who have had that experience will be along with their thoughts at some point, but have you also tried using the 'search the forum' bar at the top of the page? It will bring up all the past threads on the subject, of which there will be a great many.

Hi 1991 welcome enjoy the forum no i have never done it either, but it's a lot of peoples fantasy

Hey devlin and welcome to the forums, adding an extra partner into any relationship is always a risk unless you and your partner have confidently discussed it between you both. Most men do love the idea of seeing their partner getting banged in all different ways but reality isn’t the same as porn. Feelings and emotions are real when you draw the line between fact and fiction and you need to really think how would you feel if someone else was touching, kissing and being intimate with your partner? Could you feel jealous etc?. A lot of couples enjoy swinging or just a causal threeway or more and it’s a top fantasy for a lot of people. Me and my partner have had a few moments where others have been involved and we have found as long as we respect each others limits it works out fine. So talk to yoUr partner and work out what you would both want. You could just buy a dildo with a suction cup and you have a threesome waiting to happen anytime. But if you both love eachother and want to experience someone else in the mix then do your research on this forum and other places on the web first and then take It from their. Read some threesome stories which are both good and bad, remember a lot of people tend to exaggerate online 😉

Okay thanks guys, really appriciate the feedback, I know it isn't the same as porn, And if i ever do watch porn it tends to be amature as I like to see normal people doing it and not actors, We trust each other 110 percent, swinging wouldn't be something id be into really, I'm not bothered about swapping either lol.