LH Birthday

So it's my birthday and there is a better LH offer online for everybody anyway! :( Perhaps there is some other way LH can arrange offers so that birthday offers remain as "presents" I guess from Lovehoney, rather than just a regular or not as good offer (We've just had a 20% off offer for everybody recently, plus now the current one) Maybe there can be a way to combine offers or the birthday offer can be a voucher which you can then use alongside?

Also, when are new bettie page things going to be here!? Hurryyyyyy!

True, I don't really use the birthday gift vouchers as xmas is on the way so better offers. Back in the day it used to be some extra oh points, but I guess they stopped that around the switchover date to the new system. Would think it might be bette runder new system, as you are never going to have a dormant account accumulating oh points - no pruchase in 12 months = oh points are reset to zero.

I understand your pain.

The birthday discount has been increased to 20% from 10% in recent years, so it's more generous than it ever was. Also, the 25% off on at the moment is limited time, but your bday discount will be valid for 2 weeks if memory serves (or is it a month now?). Either way, experience tells me that when a 25% off offer is on there generally aren't many other great offers, so it may pay you to wait until the 25% ends and see what you can use your 20% against in terms of offer stacking.

I do however think it'd be great of you could stack the 20% Bday with the 25% email offer


Feedback and suggestions are always welcome and as Sum Sub has mentioned we have made recent changes to bump this up to 20%.

I am sorry to hear there is a better offer right now, but as suggested maybe make use of this one and then the 20%. Unfortunately the same as many retail places, we do only allow one coded offer at a time. This is not to say we are not always looking at ways to improve. 

Thank you for this feedback and I do hope you had a lovely birthday.

In regards to new items always keep a look out on the what's new pages for what comes in. As you can imagine we like to keep things under wraps before release :) 

pssst, if you want 20% off on other occassions and it isn't the deal of the day, try leaving something in your basket overnight. You might just wake up to an email from Jess ![](upload://9xFhXP6neHrYtSJ6GTOlM10MIsf.gif)