License lush!

Sell this to me! I have had my eye on this for a LONG time. Has anyone got it? Tell me all about it! I missed out on it being £50 (roughly) on offer some time ago and I always kick myself for this

Sorry this is meant to say lovense not license!

I have a Lush not the Lush 2 which is stocked on LH so hopefully any niggles I have with it have been sorted in the newer model! The older model one is great when the connection doesn’t drop out. To combat this I’ve used a dedicated phone that can be tucked into knicker waistband so it never ventures too far away. It’s not needed most of the time just sometimes the Bluetooth connection will just completely drop out because the wind changed direction or some other minute change which is a very literal buzz kill. Luckily from the chunkier receiver end it looks like the connectivity issues have been resolved! The “rumbly” vibrations are a comfortable level of noticeable but the “can you hold the moan?” I don’t quite find it living up too because it’s smirk worthy but not moan worthy, far better than just AA powered toys but still limited by the being a small rechargeable object. The noise isn’t noticeable if you’re somewhere with background noise but pretty sure it can be heard if you’re in a quiet room. Have also found that sometimes if the stars are aligned against me having a good time it will turn off since the power button is on the front which is probably user error on my part but something to be aware of when placing. It’s easy to clean because it’s waterproof so no qualms about sticking it under a tap to rinse off the worst of the goop prior to cleaning with your chosen cleanser. The app is straight forward to use, have to make an account for it but that’s like 30 seconds and then there’s a whole library of pre-made patterns from other users for you/your remote controller to play along with, the long distance chat/control and then the local mixer board/control with options to have it respond to music, sound or act as an alarm. For days when I’m feeling a bit bored I love setting it to music so just having a little boogie has that extra bit of fun. There were some questionable issues raised with the app a year or two ago (about sound being recorded) so if you’re worried about stuff like that might also be worth checking the status of all that. Sorry if this is a mess to read, posting from my phone. I really do enjoy my lush, even with its connection that can be like a yo-yo at times and remote control play is just such a good way to brighten your day be it solo or with your partner.

Thank you :)