Lightning sale? And vibe q

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone could explain to me how the lightning sales work? And how often they are. I'm signed up for deal of the day so get those emails. And am not really wanting to miss out ;) My second question (heat has been causing midnight wakings) is to how your oh reacts to your using a vibe. My oh is from southern cpntinental europe and has rather fixed ideas. He loves it when he sees/feels I'm really in the mood and enthusiastic about sex, if i instigate he likes that too (tbh doesnt take much to get him in the mood at all). We have used the slim gspot vibe before (v slim with bulbous tip) but it was more a case of him enjoying watching me use the vibe while he masturbated. After we both orgasmed he then used it on me. Im just worried he'll think im using it to replace him (which while he's away i suppose i am) so basically my question is how did you introduce your vibe to oh and how did you go about incorporating it into your sessions and how did oh take it? (Not literally).

The Lightning Sale the other day was a special event where the offers changed on the hour every hour over a few days. Normally the sale prices are a bit more stable than that, but they're still time limited. Often they're open-ended so we don't know exactly when they'll finish (a lot of individual item prices are down to stock levels, etc), but I've noticed that some of the last few have had an end date advertised (eg. the current Bedroom Magic one ends Monday, probably at midnight). I find it's worth checking prices regularly as the offers can sneak up on you, and sometimes random items are discounted but aren't included in a promotion. So if you keep your eyes peeled you can get some really good bargains, especially when you use the Unlimited £20 off voucher on top of the substantial sale discounts. You'll notice certain things crop up in the sales fairly regularly, but others less so, and some will sell out and not get restocked at all.

So, basically if there's something you love for a price that you like then I wouldn't hang around too long. 🙂

As to your other question, I think I like our sex toys more than my wife does so we don't have the same issues. There's a blog about introducing sex toys that may have something in to help you -

If not then at least it's something to read until other people decide to chip in. 🙂