Like Getting Caught at it?

We had a dirty weekend in a hotel last week and on the Saturday morning we were having some bedroom aerobics when the cleaner knocked and came into our room to find me on the desk with my legs in the air and my husband giving me a hard shag. She stoped in her tracks, apologised and went out. Hubby never missed a beat in fact he glanced at her and carried on! We laughter about it and thought it was fun. We tried to give another show on Sunday morning but the cleaner started late so no show. This prompted me to ask does anyone else get a thrill from getting caught at it like we do. I confess this want the first time we have ignored the knock on the hotel door and let them come in and catch us. šŸ˜‚

Love the idea of being watched. I always like idea of someone watching through a window. Net curtains at window so like they are watching when they shouldn't be.

Iā€™d be terrified! Although the builders caught an eyeful when we were doing some mutual masturbation and they were doing some work in the roof. Pesky skylights and non notifying landlords!

I would love to have someone secretly watching me or watch another couple. Would be such a turn on.

The last time we were in a hotel the maid came in and got an eye full of me taking the OH in my mouth I was both shocked and turned on at the same time

We've had the maid ignore the "do not disturb" notice on the door and come in anyway. I was face down on the bed getting a dose of anal, and my husband didn't miss a beat either. She scarpered very quickly. and we got a refund when we made a complaint. Have to admit though, it was thrilling to be walked in on.

The thought of it is rather exciting , but I am not aware of anyone ever catching me . But being that I have had sex outdoors , on motorcycles and in boats the chances are good that I was and did not know it .

As perverted as it may of been. I once waited for an attractive cleaner to get along he corridor and started masterbating so that she caught me when she came in. unfortunatly she had not finished in the other room but her un atrractive friend had and she walked in instead. glad she never wanted to turn the bed over lol.

We like the idea but in reality possibly not a great idea!

Closest was wen gf fappin me of thru my trakkies on a bus. Horny as fk but scary lol