Like skin?

Which brand is really like a second skin?

we've found its not always about brand, using a good lube with the condoms has made the difference more i think

hope this helps

K -X-

The non-latex brands, such as Avanti, (which is made of polyurethane) are much better. They are more expensive, but essentially polyurethane transmits heat and sensation much more effectively than latex. Femidoms (remember them?) are also made of polyurethane, although I haven't tried them. I would always use Avanti above latex type condoms, they are infinitely better.

Trojan also do a non-latex condom called Supra --

You can see some more non-lates condoms here --

Anyone got any preferences? :-)

The Durex Elite i've found to be particularly effective. The combination of lube and being super thin makes them really tight and cling to the penis. I really forgot he was wearing a condom, which has never happened before when using a condom during sex.