Liking a post?

Hi there you fab people xxx

A quick question … how do I choose which emoji to use when liking a post or piccy??

Whenever I like something, it only seems to give me the love heart emoji, but I see other emojis used on other posts??

By the way … feeling quite bold now, changed my piccy so you can see me … please feel free to put it on the mantelpiece, it will help keep the kids away from the fire xx :kissing_heart:

Thank you sweeties xx


So on computer, you can hover over the heart icon, and on mobile, you can just hold it down, and it should give you the other options. Hope this helps! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you darling … just tried it … as you can see xxx


Lovely new profile photo, well done :smiley:

Depends if you use your phone for the the forum as then when you like a post if you keep your finger down on the heart button it should show up the emojis to choose from

@Rachel_sometimes love the profile pic wish i was bold enough yo leave mine up

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Awww thank you xxx @AWB1955

I’m working on the premise I’m in sufficient enough disguise here!! :sunglasses::wink:

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Lol hope your keeping well i need to get back into shape in the new year so i can pist some pics

A bit of phys … and a bloody good corset is all it takes!! Xxx

Lol not sure about the corset i feel my boobs are around my ankles my bum is like a sack of potatoes

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Lady friend, we’re not having this. :clap:t2: We do not put ourselves down! :clap:t2:

Have you seen my pic? Lol, I have rolls! I’ve never bothered putting any more up, but that’s only because I’m lazy.

You can crop any part of a pic that you like, and the best thing is that you’re still anonymous unless you put your face in it!

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@JoCat not sure if your msg was for me but if not i really do appreciate your comments and hope to.put pics up soon

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It was for you :upside_down_face:

I thought it was and thanks for thecwords of wisdom

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