LillithLibby you are a naughty lady!

So my postman had a rather large lovehoney box for me today, after my initial panic that I had been ordering off lovehoney in my sleep I realised it was a gift courtesy I believe of you lillithlibby?!

It contained:

You are a very naughty lady, I love everything in it, thank you very very very much! You really didn't have to do that! I'm feeling so lucky and spoilt right now! Thank you again!
And when is your birthday? I saw on a post that its coming up, you kept that one quiet! Xx

Hehe just showing my appreciation for the links:-):-) you honestly don't have to buy anything for me you have a wedding to save for and I know moneys tight for you right now :-):-)

Awww that's so lovely enjoy them Cornish babe you deserve them hun. =D xx

Thanks lolli :) x

LL me and my oh tried out the bondage tape last night, wow that is fun stuff! Lol thank you very much for, my oh says thanks too! Hehe choc body paint tonight I think, yum!
I have sent you a little gift for your birthday but unfortunately it really isn't much I'm afraid :( and won't be with you until Monday either as you kept your birthday a secret! X

Lol looks like your gonna be busy fir a few days!!!! Lucky you

Hunny you helped me get some lovely toys the last few weeks, things I couldn't have got without your help so me and sir wanted to grab you a few things to say thank you if that makes sense and I wasn't expecting anything back xxx glad you and your o/h are enjoying it and can't wait to see what you've sent me :-):-) I shall love it as its the thought that counts rather then money value :-):-) xxxxxxxx