Lingerie Challenge!

Well on saturday night the Mrs and I ended up wading through our porn stash and watched a new scene which we both liked. Unfortunately she also loved the lingerie in the scene and has tasked me with finding it (this happened before we a bikini and somehow I flukily found it!). This time i'm not having much luck.

I'd greatly appreciate any help from people that might know who makes it or where I can buy it?

here is a pic (NSFW) the content at the other side is however clothed!

(a penis pump can be offered as a reward? no? still no takers...damn)

Your going to have a very long and unfruitful life if you don't get that picture sorted. LOL.

That picture fails to load. Use another site to upload it.

er... picture works fine for me? Premium, computer fail?

Cant say I can think of anywhere ive seen anything like that... if i do see anything similar, ill post it though :)

What strange thing just happened. Internet explorer does not allow me to open this picture but firefox does. Hmmmm..

Nice.. Not seen it before. Lingerie and the movie. Sorry.

thanks carly... I new LH wouldn't let me down! I found the VS set and thought it looked strikingly similar.

LoveHoney - Carly wrote:

Loaded for me just fine!

Black and white diagonal striped bra set, right?

It looks like an old range from Victoria's Secret, called Vertigo I think. They do something reasonably similar now in their range but I doubt you'll be able to find that exact set as porners often hire designers to alter and create matching pieces for bra's and panties.

You may also want to try a site such as where you can actually find one-off pieces or commission a designer fairly cheaply to create something similar.

are you sure it was called Vertigo? I can't seem to find any trace of it online at all...

have you tryed looking on ebay? theres quite a few ebaystores who get a few sets of underwear that say a big shop is stop selling. just make sure you add new to the search and read on the page that is says new.


ps if this buy anychance does help and you find it, dont worry about the penis pump you keep it :D LOL

ok... I'm starting to come around to this idea, Etsy seems to be in $ so I'm presuming its an American thing. Anybody care to point me in the direction of a british equivalent or somebody they've used before?

As ever, thanks a million!

Cheers Carly, I'll go with Etsy if you're recommending it highly... Now all I need to find is a suitable designer!

Ouch.. She opened the bidding at 300 USD!

Carly how do you know these things?! I guess you explained it with the photography comment, but wow, that's an impressive memory!

What's with the weird midriff section? It looks crazy to me :)

That would be great... Ruth!

LoveHoney - Ruth wrote:

PS) used to be in to stripes, but I can't find it on their site.

yeah I've found various sets that look similar but none seem quite as nice and none have the cincher/suspender belt that I think makes it a little different...

We never seem to take the easy option with these things!

have you thought about finding a student fashion designer? im sure theyed make you something really cheap, maybe put an add in gumtree?


Hiya - I am indeed very busy being a mumy but could otherwise have made most of this - I am still needing to practice bras as corsets are my thing.

If you want to try for a student then the only university that teaches lingerie making is de montfort in Leicester. The only other professional maker I have seen about would charge about £300 for that set at a guess

£300 for a lingerie!!?? That will twice you will be splashing out on it! boom boom!

Thanks... please get in touch if you're ever less busy