Lingerie / positions when heavily pregnant.

Any lingerie recommendations to flatter heavily pregnant belly also some positions apart from doggy?!?

When i was pregant - i found it really difficult to find anything sexy to wear - for positions i found laying on my side in the spoon position the most comfy to be in

A baby doll that flares out from under the bust ? If you get a nice floaty one it should look gorgeous over your bump and will be nice and comfy. I'd go for the spooning position too xx

We did a lot of reverse cowgirl when I was heavily pregnant and babydoll wearing! Doggy was saved for when we wanted baby out and it worked well for us 🤣

My ex preferred me nude, so I didn't need my bump flattered. Towards the end of my pregnancies, we mostly did spoons style with him laying behind me or him kneeling while I was in the 'recovery' position.

I have recommended a few pieces over on this thread:

We also have a blog post that may be helpful:

Left side spooning seems to be a good choice for sex, as you ideally don't want to be on your back and left side laying to give the most blood flow during pregnancy. Also liver is on the right side, so keeps the uterus off that organ too.

I came across a blog the other day about positions during pregnancy, I thought some of these may be helpful:

On top - So the woman can control the depth of penetration, rocking gently in this position once comfortable.

Reverse Cowgirl - as mentioned above

Seated - Using a sturdy chair again allows control of penetration for teh pregnant party.

Face to face - lay down facing each other, this way bump is supported by the bed too.

Edge - sitting at the edge of the bed the pregnant lady can lay back, using a pillow to stay tilted up (avoid laying flat), with feet up onto the mattress your partner can stand or kneel for penetration.

It is also good to know that later on in the pregnancy it is normal for orgasms to trigger Braxton Hicks. This is typically nothing to worry about :)