Lingerie stocktaking

This morning I got up early and went through my lingerie drawer. The objective was to throw out items I’ve either worn out or not worn often.

My husband joined me from his shower and said he would ‘help’ decide what should go. I tried on a couple of tatty thongs and we agreed that they had seen better days. I then tried on a body and noticed the effect it was having on my man. By the time I put on a LH fishnet body stocking I had to get on the bed and mount my husband and ride him furiously. We didn’t get to finishing my lingerie stock taking but agreed that we should continue this again.

Has anyone else done this and does it turn on your partner?


If my wife felt up to it , it would be quite fun and take at least a couple days . If her surgery gives relief and she has been losing weight , maybe we could do this in a few months . We have had show and tell of both our toy collections . I think to display all our toys , they would pretty much cover our queen size bed . I do believe our lingerie would not cover as much of the bed . To be fair , my massive collection of g-strings , string bikinis and panty collection would not take up much real estate . Even when you throw in my lace stockings and garter belts . Sure would be nice to have a sex room or dungeon , then much bigger sex furniture and sex machines would be readily available .


I would actually like to do that with my partner. I know she has a few items squirreled away but mine are freely available. It would be interesting to see what surprises she may have.

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My wife has many more toys that I thought , only recently she has shown me a number of her toys . I did suggest on a day she feels like it , we should do a total toy show and tell . Though I do not know if the dining room table would be enough space to display them all .

That’s great IMO. It would be very interesting to throw in a few surprises from both sides.

Love the OH going through her lingerie draw, virtually impossible not to get hard.


When we go through our lingerie, I end up trying all hers on and put some of them back in my drawer​:blush:


We did this a few weeks ago and it was an amazing evening! I heartily recommend!!!